Where do you shift for...?

I'm tring to advance my Spiritual Healing. I do know more or less..read, studied and did the following;
Reike Healing, read and practied some, Dragon Healing, Essences walking and breathing, tator, gems and crystals, touching healing.
But immediately I'm tring to find info on how to advance surrounded by some area's. I'm having a concrete time on what to do after reading and doing some exerises? What levels? Where is it qualified at? How much anything costs? Waht will you learn? Those types of info.

Thank you adjectives!

Practice, practice, practice, on family and friends. Keep a diary of circumstances, what you feel and saw, how your recipient feel and their reactions.

It is other beneficial to study under a don. They can help you to move forward next to your gifts.

Here is a link to assorted homepages for healers/teachers:

Do check out any new age centered religious communities in the vicinity you, many of these also proffer seminars.

Good luck!
depends on the place u r in a minute. u hv to check with the crucial office surrounded by the mother country and see if they can direct u to your local branch. usu they are helpful. so try
Japa. Mental Calmness, Chanting, Yagya, Recite the name of God or spiritual affirmations. IT HEALS! and does a lot more than beneficial. Listen to healing music and not basically any, but stuff that works and has worked for empire.
If you email me and I will tell you more roughly effective technique. :)
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