Spiritual health-giving?

I am looking for spiritual healing, to assistance with my depression, comfort me connect with god, support me with ongoing question i have
wheres the best place for to step for spirtual retreats ?
or for spirtutal help?

I own tryed theapy, many medication, hospital treaments, hypnothearpy and self help books.

Dairy Milk,your spiritual restorative is within you,grasp that God is with you adjectives the time and repeating some of the things He gave us will give support to you,I can say this because I know/I am paralyzed on the not here side of my body but because of Him I walk,I whip 800ccs of botox every 3 mths,I gave my duration to Him before my surgery when this happened-He who is contained by you is stronger than he who is in the world.In the bible look up some verse that apply to your healing afterwards when your problems arise say them repeatedly and you will no longer hold the depression not to say it wont come rear legs but just repeat every time,believe Him.....God Bless
Your local Spiritualist church will hold medicinal sessions and serices.you will be able to win the address from the library.The people are terrifically kind and sincere .They will get the drift ,please do not hesitate to contact them.If you enjoy not been before--- rest assured it is not the slightest bit spooky.I hold had Spiritual Healing for a physical condition and it be very impressive.I will remember you in my prayers and ask that you may own peace of mind.May the love of Spirit be with you and fastidiousness for you.
have you tried reiki??
For me the best means of access to find spiritualism is not about finding 'god' its more or less finding you!
There are many meditation retreats a short time ago google meditation retreats and that gets you contained by contact with other similar to minded people..i found for myself that kinesiology works.. google that and read up..your local library have a great selection of spiritual books...but its not adjectives about 'god' you inevitability to find who you are and how your body works re; ur chakras they may be out of balance..im notably spiritual but very non religious..but believe contained by our guides angels and archangels to keep us on our pathway..Louise Hay has a wonderful inspection of books..Doreen Virture is another author whos worth reading..Celestral Prophecy is a MUST read in how the universe works.. upright luck in finding YOU..
My best answer to this is to find a book by Donna Eden called vigour medicine. Her book skilled me how to fix my own energy so that I be not depressed and I started loving life. It is not your typical self relieve book she teaches deep-seated energy technique that will show you how to check things and fix them yourself.

Her book is cheap 16 bucks that will change your duration.

Perhaps: Turn of your music, your television, close the door and dim the lights. Sit comfortably facing the wall contained by a position that won't need moving normally again and again. Close your eyes. Point your attention to your breathe - it will be with you forever (while you are alive). When your mind strays, bring it vertebrae to your breathe. Just be 'aware' of your breathing, don't control it. Do this for 30 min a day moving to 1 hr a light of day when possible. You will be healed. There is no soothing like finding peace - and clarity is lone possible when we let the murky dampen settle - then we can 'see the pebbles' on the river floor = you will see clearly what types of things arise surrounded by your mind that bring suffering, and you'll begin to appreciate why those things arise, and when, and what they are connected to. Insight is healing. May adjectives beings be happy.
Namaste Friend
You already hold taken a path towards realize the truth. Self help books and meditation are a great st rat for everyone. They will put you obverse to face near your shadow self and true essence.
Accept it.
Being on this path myself, I too face challenge and doubts. I realize that the continuing meditation is a great source of inspiration and self-realization.
Other therapies that help me were Learning and Teaching Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Samadhi, Pranic Healing, Laughter Yoga.
You can secure some meetups, attend some Reiki retreats, meditation retreats, Yoga retreats. You will find this info on net.
best of luck. U can email me if you stipulation more help.
Church. Talk to a pastor or equivalent.
DONT TURN OFF YOUR MUSIC !! (mr. a a s h o lz i ) or whoever ? That's the resolve centre for channel your own healing energies ! B a l l s adjectives these reiki freaks and
s h i t. I'll guide you on how to self heal mind body spirit near no gimmicks . Be fund later..............zzzzzzzzzz
The ONLY approach for a true healing is to come to God, because He made us and know us perfectly. Just turn to your room and be honest with Him. God is so solid!
As someone has mentioned enjoy you tried reiki? You can probably find someone in your nouns that can give you a session of reiki to see how you be aware of with it, you can catch as many sessions as you want for a price or after 1 or 2 session you can swot reiki yourself, your local college might hold classes or workshops where you can swot reiki and heal yourself and it does work i own reiki 2 and used to suffer badly near headaches but i just about get any in a minute.

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