Whats your favorite recreational drug?

i prefer adderal or similiar speed, but i have to concede that bud is much better because it cheap and easy to find and if i took as much speed as i do weed i would turn crazy cus i need the weed to relax me and speed does the oppisite

definately weed bro adjectives the others are really just obnoxious
I must addmit I always loved pot. It be great to relax after a big night drinking, after it became an everyday way great at anytime. Now I have quit and do touch much better for it. It was appropriate while it lasted but within the end I be smoking a hq a day and the effects be minimal I still don't quite work out why I waisted so much money. Apart from that extacy was pretty flawless, especially for those long nights on the foxtrot floor, followed by long mornings in the bed room. The solitary problem you dont know what you are getting and half the time you salary for something that doesn't do s#!@. in the termination I'm happy beside a glass of vodka.
frog licking is my favorite
chemical tab or personnl dialaudid
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