Stopping the flu?

Is there any agency to stop the flu before it get to you. I feel approaching im about to draw from it, and i was wondering if here were any home remedies for perchance stopping it before it get to me? I know there are things close to this for the common cold, approaching drinking apple cider vinegar, but is there anything for the flu??

There is not an exact channel to stop flu except having flu shot beforehand winter season . But you should take 500-1000 milligram vitamin C around the hours of daylight . It is important to appropriate it 5 or more times a day I be a sign of divide daily dose into 5 pieces .You can help yourself to C pills or you can eat ginger or other vegetables containing C but as i said before more than 5 times a morning because C is water soluble and body use the amount it wishes and then take away unneeded part while urinating .
Vigorus handwashing.
You cant "stop" the flu.
Take Airborne. That stuff really help.
Get a flu shot every year and also take vitamin C and E. Also 50 mg Zinc and 400 mg of Echinacea at the first sign of the flu and save taking it until symptoms are over, usually a week or so. This supposedly works mostly for the common cold but it may work for the flu also.

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