Please put in the picture me what it's resembling to stop smoking cold turkey?

that's what i plan to do tomorrow and i want to know what i'm in for. lol

You'll want to strip your skin off and spring out the window into a pool of saline water..
you'll be arguing near yourself for two weeks until the craving stops you'll hear little voices surrounded by your head axiom things like travel on one wont hurt dont be silly take a puff
very well i dont know what u are talkin about but if u are discussion about weed.
1.dont dance around ppl the will use it in front of you or even natter about it next to you because you will crave it
2. get rid of adjectives of your lighters.
3. get rid of bowl, bong, papers.
4.keep hold of your mind off of it, play video games or somethin resembling that.
5. the first week is the hardest,
I like Tyler J's answer, it is similar next to smoking cigs.

You'll be irritable and short-tempered, especially on day 2-3. You'll bring the oral fixation: you'll constantly need to put something surrounded by your mouth, especially food because your sense of taste will return. Be guarded: this is where the immensity gain comes from. Stock up on veggies, fruits, and other low-calorie snacks.

Don't drink alcohol excessivly as this will also have you craving cigs resembling crazy. Try changing up your routine, limiting or avoiding things that you would generally do that cigs were a cog of. Try getting some exercise as this will lessen the cravings. Also, try going to a healthfood store and getting some nicotine-free smoking cessation tablets. They'll curb the cravings and lessen the withdrawal.

Once you're ancient the first 3 days, then the first three weeks, you'll be set!

Best of luck!
For the most section, when you deal near withdrawal, you'll lately have to tough it out, but nearby are some things that can help cleanse out the toxins and may support to minimize some of the effects of withdrawal...
Drinking dampen will help to detox, and taking some supplements that work as cleansers may lend a hand as well. Specifically, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea (decaffeinated), Chlorophyll (fantastic cleanser), and even pious amounts of fiber and water help some people (although it's not extraordinarily comfortable for the lower level of detoxification you get).

All that person said, it's likely that the symptoms should stop relatively shortly after your later pill (it's never as long as it feels approaching it is). Your neurotransmitters don't take too utterly long to scream for something they are addicted to after you stop.
Another defining thing to transcribe is that no matter how bleak it gets, taking more of the drug will single make the debt last longer and will be harder on you surrounded by the long run. Good luck, and congrats again!
Here's a tip from Dr. Richard Schulze.

He says to rob lobelia. It's an herb that reduces the cravings some. It'll also sustain get the nicotine out of your system faster which is what keep people addicted...that and the tactile renunciation.

The lips and fingers are two of the most sensitive parts of the body, and as you would expect smoking involves both a lot. That's where on earth the carrots and celery come surrounded by handy..they keep your fingers and maw occupied.

BTW, the means of access Richard Schulze suggests quitting is to replace one cigarette the first day next to one capsule of lobelia. On the second daylight, it's two for two. Keep increasing like approaching that, until around the 4th or 5th day where on earth you might just quit totally lacking too much problem. (Don't take adjectives the lobelia at once, just substitute one for respectively cigarette you would have smoked but didn't throughout the sunshine.)

Lobelia is available at health food stores.
at hand are a few things to remember if you want to suceed...first..nicotine fits only final about three min. but come surrounded by clusters...second..they only come once so when you enjoy one your one step closer to quitting...third, use your mind to help you by seeing yourself not want one and that they weakness nasty respectively time you have one...the human mind excepts anything as true inwardly 90 wont fight cant break a mannerism but you can replace it...learn something clean you always required to...make a reward system so you enjoy no loss but gain...five...drink lots of water to flush the nicotine out..and most of adjectives..either your a smoker or your not...once you put it it for one one it for three months...and preserve this up till your 30 years past...similar to works...
aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg... even after you quit
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