Collodial Silver and Pink Eye?

Has anybody used collodial silver to treat pink eye? I have have really itchy eyes this week from allergies and this morning my eye is really red, hurts and slightly discharging. Not matted or really goopy yet.

I'm at a friends who have collodial silver so I tried washing my eyes near it this morning. Anyone done this? Success? How many times a time?


Colloidal Silver is great for destroying numerous pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms), including bacteria, fungi, lice, protozoa and viruses. However, I would not recommend putting it directly into your eye. It is still a metalic formula.

The unmatched quality Colloidal Silver is created by an electro colloidal, non-chemical method, which way sub-microscopic, pure silver (.999) ions and deionized water hold been "completely 'colloided' --simultaneously dispersed inwardly and bound to each other" by a positive electric current passed through the solution.

I would recommend using a formula call Eyebright. You can DEFINATELY use this directly on your eye as a wash. What you do is nick 1/2 cup of water, incorporate 1 tablespoon of Eyebright and wash your eye beside it, 3 times per day. Don't be suprised if you also discern improvement contained by your vision. Internally, you could whip Echinacea/Goldenseal to help exchange blows infection.

Hope this helps
Do not use collodial silver to treat an eye infection. You are not sure what is cause your infection so see a doc and get a clear diagnosis. You just have one two of a kind of eyes so don't take likelihood with them. See your doc.
Collodial Silver is used to support treat skin irritations, such as burns or rashes, not the surface of the eye. I've be a VICTIM of golden-rod for years and the best thing is Visine Allergy. Once or twice a light of day and you're good to travel. I promise :)
What would you rather suffer from, pink eye or total blindness for the rest of your vivacity. Blindness requiring you to walk next to a white cane, use a seeing eye dog, read using braile, never self totally independant again. This can happen whenever you put something surrounded by your eyes not intended to be there. Anything for the eyes must be sterile, not verbs but sterile. Never Never Never Ever EVER put anything in your eyes again unless it is prescribed or you run a great risk of total blindness and in attendance is no coming back from that. Be smart budge and see a eye doctor the MD type.

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