Some treatments for PCOS and also hypothyroidism?

Can you give me some alternative treatments/things to do or look into for both Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom and Hypothyroidsm? Actually it seem that my thyroid is almost back to ordinary due to taking the western drug Synthroid, but I would still like to know of alternative treatments (other than the pig thyroid, already know in the region of that...not interested in that).

So yeah, I greeting any info you might have on alternative assistance for PCOS and hypothyroidism (i'm mostly interested in PCOS). Also, any info on alternative treatments for depression is generosity.


Oh and I'm a vegetarian (who eat seafood) if that makes any difference at adjectives.

Here is a link that may relieve u with fluent care of the PCOS,
It includes a Hormonal Health Profile questionaire that u can complete and it will transmit u exactly what natural contemplation remedies are offered based on the information u pass. Hope it helps, gl :)

Here a relation to help u near Natural treatment of Depression,

Last but not least here is a intermingle that may help beside the hypothyroidism, it gives u crude treatment options and dosing instructions :)

You might be interested within checking out the Yahoo! Group - it is dedicated to discussing colloquial ways of managing PCOS.

I have PCOS, and I own only used intuitive treatments. I've used a number concurrently, so it's hard to articulate if some work better than others, but they have adjectives appeared to help in some way! The things I have individually found successful include:

- following a low-carb diet - does wonders for getting my hormones
regulated and gives me a great perkiness boost. This is the #1 thing I'd
recommend for PCOS

- herbal medication: I've had abundantly of success next to the herb Vitex (also known
as Chastetree) for regulating my menstrual cycle.

- homoeopathy: this is something explicitly completely individualised, as they
look at your entire body, including your character, to find one remedy that
will hold the best effect. All I can say more or less homoeopathy is WOW! It
cleared up a lot of long-term problems, and although it originally threw my
menstrual cycle out, when it settled down, it be regular and nowhere
near as pouring as it used to be

- Goji: If you have insulin resistance, this could be adjectives for you, as
according to "Goji has
be used in China for the treatment of diabetes for heaps years, and its
polysaccharides have be shown to help symmetry blood sugar and insulin
response." The Goji berry is also known as wolfberry. I cart Goji juice day by day
as I am insulin resistant and developed gestational diabetes; I get mine
online from
You've get a lot of question here and they are related. About the depression, that sounds thyroid related. Usually T3 helps next to this symptom. I recommend Armour thyroid, but you aren't interested in that. Other alternatives are Thyrolar a synthetic med beside both T4 and T3. Another option is adding together a very small amount of Cytomel to the Sythroid.

About PCOS, I found Metformin ER to facilitate. You can also try taking niacin bound chromium to help lower the blood sugars and reducing carbs surrounded by the diet. USP grade progesterone cream can oblige with any extent related problems
First of all, person a vegetarian you probably intake SOY products. This is most likely cause your low thyroid issue. Soy beans are very toxic to the body. Soy inhibits the digestion of minerals, especially iron. It also slows your thyroid down and creates the hypothyroidism. Look at your synthroid paperwork and you will see that the drug people vote not to use soy products when on the synthroid because it inhibits the action of the syntrhoid. This is why they read aloud this.

Synthroid basically kill the function of the thyroid and makes you dependent upon it for the rest of your natural life. It is not a good item. As a vegetarian, you are most predictable deficient within Vitamin B-12. This can only be digested by the body if it is ingested and go through a process in the stomach where on earth a protein enzyme breaks the B-12 down into smaller molocules where the body can later digest it. B-12 is only found within meat. There are other forms of B-12 like substances that vegetarian typically believe they are getting the B-12 in, but the body know the difference.

This whole protein issue for vegetarian is a real problem and can contribute to the POCS issue as ably as the thyroid issue. You will probably also find you will develop hypochloridia (low stomach acid) condition that will inhibit further the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc contained by your jejunum because of the lack of minerals self absorbed within your diet. the Symplex-F suggested below are animal organs and contain things that will help you greatly next to the PCOS issue. You need to seriously consider varying your thinking on the vegetarian bearing of life because it simply is not what temper intended for humans. A good net site for you to see and consider is: the Westin A. Price web site. There is a markedly good article in that on Myths of vegetarianism that you should read.

This condition creates a high testosterone plane in the body and cause severe acne that typical treatments do not fix, problems relating to excess hair growth, and like mad of people next to this problem develop type II diabetes.

There is a natural solution to this issue that seem to work in lots people.

A protomorphogen extract from Standard Process call Symplex F. Take 1 or 2 tablets per day for one year.

Make up a mix of equal parts of peony root (Paeonia lactiflora) and licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and embezzle about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of this 2 to 3 x per time for a maximum of 6 months. You should give this a break for more or less 1 week every 4 - 6. weeks.

You should eliminate sugars, breads, and cereal from the diet. These items cause the body to produce insulin to oxidize the sugars and insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) are produced as a result. Elevated insulin level lead to an excess of masculine hormones.

good luck to you.
Was PCOS diagnosed by ultrasound or blood test? If blood tests individual, then possibly a misdiagnosis? You have symptoms of a pituitary disorder: hypothyroid, depression, hormonal problems. You may be depressed because your hormones are outta whack...once you draw from them to normal level your depression will go away. Thats how it worked for me. Lood at your symptoms on this table: Good luck.
My friend take a couple of drops of iodine (from health food store) day by day to help regulate her thyroid. I, equally, will stick with synthroid.

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