How do you cure a cold?

i'm afraid there isn't a cure for the adjectives cold, there are medicine you can take to abet you get through it though. move about to a chemist and tell the pharmacist your symptoms and he will push for you what the best medicines are. contained by the meantime you could try steam inhalation to relieve the stuffiness.
Well, drink lots of water, attain sleep, eat capably............dress warm, and if needed, grasp some medicine.
drink chinese tablets. avoid cold water and soda. return with well soon!
Try zicam it really works. Can buy at any drug store.
u cant really cure a cold, u can alleviate teh symptoms, soo u should drink tea beside honey for ur throat or steam showers they loosen up phlegmand other ooky stuff then liek drink hot mustard or wasabi to clear ur nose it works
u could also cart mucinex, it releives u of a cold in going on for 3 days, its a bit pricey about 25 for a box but it cures u so qquick, i reccomend it!
Drink plenty of fluids, lots of Vit C and rob it easy
You can't really, but bear TONS of vitamin C, it will help your immune system exchange blows it off.
There is no cure for the adjectives cold. Preventative measures, such as dressing warmly during cold weather, keeping dry, and well brought-up personal hygiene help. Medications such as discomfort relievers, decongestants, and anti-histamines help relieve the symptoms. There is a relatively new type of over the counter treatment you can buy at any drug store call Zicam that you can squirt up your nose. It is made near Zinc Gluconate. Since the common cold virus replicates predominately contained by the nasal passages, the zinc gluconate provides an inopportune environment for the virus to replicate, thus shortening the duration of the cold. I own used Zicam and it does work. Ask a pharmacist for more information.
try Zicam - it just shortens the duration.
surface better.
fluids and rest

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