Sore Throat!?


I started to get a sore throat on friday and its gotten worse despite advil cold pills iv be taking. I am really busy as I have a huge tryout on monday and I just cant study beside my throat like this its not really sore I can swallow nearby is no huge burning sensation it kind of tickles and I can touch that sensation in my ears so I dont consider its anything bad close to strep. Since then my muzzle is running really bad, the onlything that provides some nouns is hot green tea. Anyone know any over the counter drugs that will get rid of what ever I hold?

Cold pills and advil treat symptoms but actually produce your cold slightly worse by supressing the immune system. They will not make a sore throat bring better faster, but slower! The best thing to do to take rid of the soreness at this point is Chloraseptic, it just make your throat numb so it doesn't hurt.
Your sinuses are probably draining to the back of your throat. Ever be prescribed Zyrtec or something for allergies/antihistamine to dry it up? Benadryl will put you to sleep if , so if you don't have anything else try OTC claratin
Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection. Gargling beside warm pungent water or mouthwash can moderate the pain and inconvenience. You can find some honest home remedies at

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