If fish grease is well brought-up for arthritis, why did the Thames Whale die of arthritis?

Interesting question? The type of arthiritis probably. Not adjectives arthiritis symtoms are the same. There is over a 100 types of this symptom range from tendonitis(tennis elbow) to gout. Also osteoarthritis which is due to low calcium being taken on the bus when young. Possibly the Thames whale have a form of arthiritis in which he have a deficiency of some mineral or calcium wanting. Its hard for them to procure these forms of elements from the food sources they like which consists of predominantly protein or plankton. Hope this helps, another piece he may have be born with a abnormality of some sort which reduced his capacity to state these vitals. Hope this helps!Just remember he is not a fish he is a mammal(warm blooded).
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Because whales arent fish they are mammals
Because although fish grease is good for arthritis, it is not a cure-all, and have to be taken along with other nutrients within a good overall diet. It have to be fish oil to be exact high surrounded by omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod, and others) and for humans, has to be incredibly pure, or it can raison d`¨ētre gout like symptoms.
simple really whales are not fish they are mammals ....lol
Good point,are you one of those empire that is full of useless informationI enjoy a friend like that.Where do you go and get your info from?
Ha ha - probably cause it be stressed out
Because Thames Whale is a Mammal and not a fish.
i donno!
lol good point.
Depends on how behind the times the whale was. I don't know the answer to that ask, but an old whale is approaching an old human being, you can bathe within fish oil, but it can solitary do so much for you. There comes a time when the problems outstrip the solutions...old age, departure etc, there aren't outstandingly many remedies for these sorry to utter.

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