I want a book detailing the beneficial and other properties of semi precious prize stones and rocks / crystals etc.

I'm looking for a book I can buy preferable online in the UK, it should be similar to a list of different stones and crystals near healing / perkiness related properties as well as kernel and stuff like that - I'm sure theres somthing roughly speaking that fits the bill but an amazon search come up with tremendously little!

I have a book explicitly very informative it is call: Cunninghams Encylopedia of Crystal, Gem and metal Magic.
It is written by Scott Cunningham... Good Luck!
You may want to check out "Crystals, Colour and Chakra" by Gill Hale and "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall. I'm an absolute pupil with crystal dream therapy, so these two have be very adjectives. The second one, I got from Amazon and it's a directory of crystals next to their healing properties and ways of working next to them.

Good luck!

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