Steroid use.?

Well i have some Stenox.anyone use it back...i wanna use them...but i dont know the side effects...and if it is worth it...does Stenox work good?

Don't listen to these know-nothings on here. Steroids are undamaging provided they are used correctly. However you're not ready to thieve steroids. You don't know the first thing in the region of them and you're not willing to do your own research. Don't be foolish - lecture yourself first, then you'll know how to make an informed judgment.
steroids are bad
they gross u like angery can wrong bones

dont do them if u wanna get strong work out
please avoid steriods. in that are many adverse side effects, including shrinking of the penis and testicles, anger, emasculate bones, and impotence
Go ahead if you want to have osteoporosis, steroids are doomed to failure, and the side effects are worse than you can imagine. Steroids are administered as the ultimate ditch effort to combat difficult cases similar to MS.

Never use anabolic steroids to build your body.

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