Mothers' Cures for the flu? I work next to children for the first time and I hold getting sick. any remedies

So, here's the long and short of it...
I need to build up some type of imperviousness. so, taking antibiotics at this point is really silly. I'm feeling only just terrible right in a minute and my doctor wont be in until TUESDAY! so....alas, I'm stuck short any advice to be in motion on. I plan on getting the flu shot now but I'm outstandingly interested in what ancestors suggest to help near: coughing, wheezing, severe body aches and nausia and lately general complete grumpiness... I'm outstandingly interested in dietary solutions. Mom other said chicken noodle you have any aged recipes or design to help soothe my raging soul?

I've be in your situation. Antibiotics and doctors' treatments (and flu shots) are not surrounded by your best interest.

Here's what I want you to do -- go to your local robustness food store (or Vitamin Shoppe) and pick up the following:
Vitamin C (500 to 1000 mg CAPSULES)
Oil of oregano
Olive leaf extract
Garlic capsule

Begin your morning with 1,000 to 4,000 mgs of C and the standard dosage of the rest. Take 1,000 to 4,000 mg of C during the daylight once or twice. Follow this up with duplicate dosage of all formerly bed. You'll want to maintain this for a interval of at least 6 weeks. See how great you perceive!
Working around children always is a defy & with that they bring the runny nose & sneezes, etc. My granny used to give us Chamomile tea next to honey & lemon Into which she poured a capful of Old Grand Dad Whiskey. Then she'd rub our chest with Vicks Salve & put on one of grampas infirm tee shirt below our pj's & tell us to grasp under the covers & sweat it out.HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!
Oscillocoxinum. OJ, chicken soup, that stuffy skipper fever something something so you can rest prescription (can't remember the name) cough drops and Life Savers, hot tea, ibuprofen for during the day. Peppermint candies serve, I don't know why, but after a while I can't stand the cough drops anymore, and these seem to work almost as powerfully.

My dh takes that Airborne supplement. And uses lots of antibacterial foot gel.
chicken soup is supposed to have something within it that makes one surface better. Drink a lot of juice. Take Benedryl at night. Use tissues near lotion to help your trunk from becoming chapped. Also...preventive medicine, sounds stupid, but it works, valet your hands adjectives the time in anti bacterial soap. AND wipe up the door knobs beside something that kills germs. Even spraying Lysol will assist. Kids never wash their hand and they're always sick, they close to to spread the wealth if you know what I mingy.

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