Do you know any cures besides cranberry liquid for a bladder infection?

I have have a bladder infection for about a week. I hold drank three big bottles of cranberry juice and it is out of order. Do you know any other home remedies that may work

Yes! I'll tell you exactly what to do:

1. Stop using bottled Cramberry liquid. Instead, buy frozen or natural cramberiies and liquid them up in a blender. Don't append any sweetener, and use about 3 cups of sea for 1/2 cup of cramberries. Drink 4-6 ounces 3-4 times a day, but not beside meals. Should not drink any fluid with meal but 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after.

2. Do not eat any dairy at adjectives. It will upset your pH balance surrounded by the blood, and will therefore accentuate your problem.

3. Coffe and vinegar, and soda will freshly make it worse.

4. Eat one and only fruits in the morning, but obedient amount (about 1.5-2 pounds).

5. Drink 2 cups of Uva Ursi & Horsetail tea daily. Sweeten it beside a little honey.

6. Drink in the region of 2.5-3 litters of water day by day, but never cold, only room warmth.

7. Get a natural product call Kyolic (aged garlic from Japan), and take 3 cap with respectively meal.

8. Also take Magnesium --400 mg, aprox. Take 1 caps near each teatime daily.

Do adjectives this for 10-15 days. You should start seeing improvement after your 4th time.
This one probably is not going to clear up with home remedies- you involve an antibiotic. Go see your doctor.
they have some pills out call i do believe azo! go to the pharmacy and ask for the pet name!! they seriously work wonders!!
Cranberry juice is not a cure. Do the right piece, and have your doc prescribe some antibiotics.
Talk to your doctor... antibotics are the best cure. If you don't want to, engender sure your cranberry juice is not a cocktail, which renders it useless. It have to be REAL juice.
Cranberry liquid doesnt cure bladder infections, it can help to prevent them and may even slow them down once you've get one, but it can not cure them! Also, it can not be a cranberry juice must be 100% unsweetened liquid. The loads of sugar in the other stuff counteract the theraputic properties. Call your doc and bring an antibiotic! Good Luck
Did you try cranberry pills? They are stronger than the juice. You should really try to achieve to the doctor for some medicine because if you permit a bladder infection go to long and it doesn't treat, it can get worse by spreading to your kidneys and exact infection there. Feel better! Those are the worst. :-)
Yes antibiotics! Go see your doc!
Yogurt works best for me. Plain if you can stomach it. Otherwise try it beside a teaspoon of honey. I've noticed restoration by the end of the afternoon. It has something to do beside the bacteria surrounded by it. It'll also help soft down the heartburn you're likely have from the cranberry juice. Good Luck
besides a I tried adjectives the home remedies and nothing worked. I sucked it within and just call the doc. told them the prob and they gave me a prescription over the phone.
You call for an antibiotic. A bladder infection can move into your kidneys (ive had it happen) The AZO pills can oblige but they turn your urine a dark ginger color so dont wear good panties while your taking it.
stop have sex for awhile. seriously. the man's pee-pee can hold bacteria. after, when he puts the pee-pee into your hoo-hoo, you get the microbes back. deem of it as the gift that keep on giving. you need the antibiotic, he requests to use some soap on his pee-pee.
This is the bomb diggity!! I always keep hold of it in my cupboard. It's D-Mannose sugar. It will seize rid of a bladder infection in something like a day and short antibiotics. This is one of the many companies that put up for sale it.
While the most common bladder infection treatment is the use of antibiotics, near are several remedies a person can use at home. One impressive method is to drink several large specs of water respectively day, which help flush out infection.
Consuming large amounts of acidophilus bifidus can also back eliminate bladder infection. Acidophilus bifidus are tiny live organisms found contained by yogurt. They can also be purchased in a condensed over-the-counter tablet form from the supermarket or drug store.

For those interested surrounded by an herbal remedy, a capsule call Juni-Pars can be helpful. This herbal tablet contains parsley root, juniper berries, goldenseal root, marshmallow root, lovelia herb, uya ursi leaf, and ginger root. Each of these herb is known for its facility to cleanse the body.

Soaking in a hip bath with apple cider vinegar added to the sea can also be beneficial. It can help treat the bladder infection, while reducing symptoms and bringing nouns from the burning sensation typically associated with the infection.
Do you know for sure that it is indeed a bladder infection? Sometimes cramp, burning, and other symptoms are from an inflammation of the ureter ( the tube leading from the bladder to the outside of the body, cause by friction and change within pH etc.) that luggage, antibiotics won't help. Drink lots of hose and take a vitamin C (this will minister to change the pH to closer normal). As far as bladder infections...once you hold one, antibiotics are best. However, give prevention of an infection some thought, especially if it is reoccuring. Urinate after sexual intercourse (if this applies to you), drink river...think of a stagnant pond full of "life"...great for an infection. If you drink profusely of water, you "wash" that "life" out similar to a stream. Avoid caffiene as it can irriatate the lining of the bladder. Note on cranberry is hard to find existing cranberry juice specifically not loaded with sugar...glorious sugar can also incurrage bacterial growth. Vitamin C works better. Connie
If that didnt help, you stipulation to go beyond home remedies. The doctor can tender you antibiotics
Cranberry juice is singular effective if it is actual cranberry juice. Most is roughly 90% apple juice and will not contain plenty Mannose to be effective.
Well I saw where on earth someone said AZO, that is appropriate yes..but I found something that worked great and even better. Back when I had those problems, I tried abundant things. That included the AZO. It did work but not very rapid. What I used was Alka-Seltzer inventive. It worked so fast that by the time you would move about to the bath room the first time after drinking it, you could make clear to the difference that soon. At least it will NOT stain your below clothes the way the others do. All you own to do is mix it the way it say to on the box and drink it all at once. Yes it chew nasty, but at smallest it will get rid of the infection. Take it as repeatedly as the box tells you to and no more. The burning will be in motion away first before the infection will. To me that be a relief it's self. If the infection is not fruitless, one time will do it...but if it is bad you may hold to do it 2 or 3 more times. But it does work and works great!! It is cheaper than the meds in the store as very well. Good luck.
Cranberry juice - life and unsweetened - is good for prevention.

Talk to your doctor, you entail anti-biotics. After finishing the anti-biotics course get:

Acidophilus : 1 pill (1-2 billion live organisms) twice a time. Take if your doctor has prescribed antibiotics.
1 teapot full of corn silk tea. (Zea Mays) a light of day for 2 weeks. You will find it will be good within 2 or 3 days. Still take it for 2 weeks. If you don't it will come pay for.
If you can't find it in your local healthfood store, rupture the hair past its sell-by date some corn cobs.
2 T. per pot.
white grape juice and plenty of hose, oh yeah, take some parsley and simmer it for 20 minutes cool and drink that,
i used to lug anti biotics for infections, but now i use unprocessed methods and they work equally as well.first, you stipulation to make sure that the cranberry liquid you are drinking isn't a conbo juice that singular contains minimal cranberry juice content...look at the would be surprised...also, it have to be 100% juice, sugar tend to aggrivate the infection.second- drink tons of water to flush your system out.a short time ago keep drinking marine all daytime...third-go to your natural grocery or strength food store and buy two called CALM WATERS and another call YARROW.the calm waters will capture rid of the infection, and the yarrow will soothe the burning feeling.although, if you gain pains in your lower put money on and/or a fever, it could be a kidney infection, and you would inevitability to go to the doc ASAP
You really should see a doctor. But, to assistance with the symptoms, within is a medication available over the counter called "pyridium". It will turn your urine ginger and it will look "greasy", but it stops the spasms and cuts the burn. Hope you feel better.
You really inevitability antibiotics!

Another thing you can do is freshly to keep drinking boiled wet; not when it's too hot, just reheat.

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