I want to get up up sunny surrounded by the morning?

Lately, I am getting into habit of keeping surrounded by my mind what went wrong during the daylight. And that is the entry that will come to my mind first, when I get up. Help me please

You can't necessarily control the thoughts that come, but you can control which ones you dwell on. I enjoy to work on that as soon as I come to in the morning, and it works to start yourself thinking positive when you find refusal thoughts coming.
Get a doggy to wake up subsequent to. That will make you chirpy.
well that sounds similar to ur thinking too much and are hard on urself.. try reading something, the Bible, or a positive book beforehand u go to sleep and pray since you go to bed.within the morning be thankful and don't be rock-hard on yourself. you can't change olden times but u can sure make the adjectives better :) have a great dark!
morning sex/masturbation. That'll make you smile.
I've be there. I know exactly what you anticipate. You wake up after self in another world for the finishing 8 hours and it's like "Aw man, I thought that be a dream, but it is really happening and immediately I have to facade another day of indistinguishable crap"
Try taking melatonin, valerian before bed and B-complex surrounded by the morning with breakfast.
The world isn't reliable and neither are you. If you knew who you are and how you are connected, those little mistakes would appear trivial. If you believe you have problems, later it is a good destiny you will have them. Your attitude will drive you crazy until you return with control of it. Lesson one: find out who you are. Lesson two find your connection to your absolute source. Lesson three: learn to live immediately, not in olden times or the future. Be next to the force young padowan
Read proverbs surrounded by the bible. It is not boring; proverbs are riddles to life's questions.

Take 2 tbls. apple cider vinegar within a glass of sea 2-3 x day and earlier bed. ACV has 93 vitamins and minerals and will get you so happy and relaxed. I enjoy always have anger issues and ACV has given me a unusual outlook on life. Good luck dearest.
I have the immaculate solution to your question, but it requires for a moment work on your part as does anything explicitly worth something!! You have to view a movie called "the secret"!! It will provide some answers directly related to your put somebody through the mill here. Its phenominal!! Please please please give it a try. What do you hold to lose?
God Bless~~
OK...I got this technique from a friend.
When you are going to sleep, close your eyes and muse of your body on the beach..start at your foot, imagine that you are bursting with sand and that little by little your draining out that sand, as you do this..breath and agree to things go...start to relax and by the time you realize your head you should go down asleep relaxed. Stress while you sleep is a bad entry..not good for your mind and spirit. Your blood pressure could also be artificial...
I also use a sound contraption that is timed for 15 min to relax...you enjoy to take your mind stale those things..good luck!!

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