If anyone would close to to distribute me distance recuperative, it would be greatly appreciated.?

I've been off-colour for sometime, and need adjectives the White light I can grasp. Thanks Sandra

Blessed Be. I will send some positive thought your course. Keep in mind, sometimes we seize sick for a reason. Here is to a swift reclamation!!
Blessings, Sandra
I will pray for you.
I hope you feel better : )
I'll pray for you and merely do what you can do get better and ask for God's minister to
Think positive, Be positive. Take one day at a time and remember to be thankful for the good things.. There have to be something.
My prayers will include you. I know its hard to be sick, but know, it can get better and near positive thoughts and love and support, you can beat the disorder and regain your strength. Dont let your bad health become who you are, you are a gift from God, and never consent to that leave you. Best wishes.
Dear Sandra realize out and touch your healing Angel. ALWAYS KEEP PEACE of MIND. GOD BLESS YOU today and adjectives days.

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