I want to do a homestudy homeopathy course can anyone suggest where on earth can you find funding from as its outstandingly dear.

Why not first join a course on Homeopathy which is totally free, Yes Totally Free, Click the intermingle for more details :- http://www.hpathy.com/basics/homeopathyc...

Here are a few sites which are very informative and functional in study about Homeopathy :-

I hope and pray that the provided information proves to be of assistance to you.

Take Care and God Bless you.
Your bank proprietor?
There is no funding - you will have to discharge for yourself.
I went on a full time course within collage, I started last september and I finish subsequent week, its called Holistic therapy, for full time courses you do not pay, singular for part time, and the collage give you information on getting a grant Regards T.
Do it from www.hpathy.com/ and you can do it freely. Not OK for professional accreditation and practice but sufficient for treatment of self and line members for simple problems.

Also http://homeo.onlinecourse.com will be anothr correct option for a free online course.

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