Supplements for Altzheimer's Disease?

My mother-in-law has acted strangely for years, but be only diagnosed 3 years ago. She have been on Aricept for three years. She can still stride, rarely speaks, wander, wrings her hands, and have lost weight down to 85lbs. My Father within law have recently started giving her prescription sleeping pills (from her doctor) to back control the wandering. Do you have any supplement suggestions at this point? She is 62.

Since she's on meds, which can deplete nutrients, she would probably inevitability good juice multiple vitamin (to increase the absorption.) Without that, everything else might not work as desired.

High doses of PS (phosphytidylserine) combined next to DHA has be shown to improve brain function as measured on PET scan. You'd probably need 500 mg of PS and 300 mgs of DHA. Fish grease contains DHA.

Vitamin World makes a product call NeuroPS Gold that contains those two ingredients along with other brain nutrients.

I'd also include a product such as Vitalzyme, a protein enzyme product. Alzheimer's involves tangle in the brain. Within those tangle are imflammatory proteins, and the protein enzymes help to dissolve the sticky proteins cause the tangles.

Chelation dream therapy has also miraculously restored the robustness of seriously senile patients. This can be done either in words or intravenously.

Good luck and be well.

I be a care supporter for an Alzheimer's patient who be 84. Some of the vitamin supplements that we gave him be, Vitamin E and vitamin A, one capsule respectively twice a day, Fish Oil pills, one tablet twice a day, Ginko Biloba, one pill twice a hours of daylight. These seemed to serve, though I must admit, when we took him stale of all sugar, he did really economically. Unfortunately, the Alzheimer patients that I've worked with adjectives seem to hold something in adjectives, they have what I ring up this "dump" where, resembling a computer, they suddenly dump out information and when they return to their awareness of everyday life, that block of memory is gone, it simply vanish. I don't know if you've experienced this with your mother-in-law, but I hope that these supplements sustain her. My best wishes to you all and for her and your doesn't go and get any easier. It seems that a diet low within fat, low contained by sugar and high within fiber seems to comfort matters for them. My heart go out to the family. I'll be thinking of you adjectives...
Well, I am a detox specialist who helps associates get rid of their condition problems via detox.

One of the health foods I know is accurate for helping patients with Alzheimer's patients.

I have a client who bought the health foods for her mum as her mum's strength was not especially good. Her mum somehow fixed to feed it to her father (that is my client's grandfather) who be suffering from Alzheimer.

He had already gotten so discouraging that he is unable to speak or certify his family member. But within a week of consuming this food, he started to be capable of recognize his relations members again.

I believe it is because that this food is big in enthusiasm level that help cell rejuevenation.. especially at the brain because it also contains RHA, DHA ;) It is very immensely good for the brain.

If you are interested to find out more, you can email me at
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