Any one out nearby that have get a home made remedy/recipe for a dry cough...?

I had flu and every piece else is fine now...but this dry irritating cough stays beside me.

When I had bronchitis several years ago, [cough that last 3 weeks or more] -- I got "Respi-Clear" and "Bronch-Ease" herbal formulas from a condition food store and I recovered twice as fast as a friend who spent 3x as much [or more] going to a doctor.

A suitable home remedy is to take 1 Tablespoon {Tblsp] honey + 1 Tblsp. apple cider vinegar [the cloudy concerned is best], to a cup of hot water and tag on 1 Tblsp. molasses, 1 Tblsp. of wheat germ oil, and from 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp. [depending on how much you can stand] of cayenne pepper. This make a very salutary broth which is both nourishing and strengthening as okay as healing. Drink this up to 3x/day.

Stay away from processed sugar - it depresses your immune system.

Gargling next to cayenne pepper is much better than using salt wet when your throat is sore.

Horehound lozenges are good to suck on to improve dry throat. In a pinch, when I have be traveling and start to get a sore throat [or those irritating tickles], I found that cinnamon discs are soothing and spicy V8 hits the spot [in the rear legs of the throat].
Warm milk with butter. This help a lot.
You may call for an expectorant to break up whatever may be lasting around making you cough. You can get them over the counter...lift regularly with lots of fluids.

When I attain an irritating cough I take a spoonful of honey followed by hot tea.

Also, gargle with heat salt hose helps me sometimes...close to it would for a sore throat.

Hope you feel better, I antipathy those kinds of coughs!
Right here beside ya on this. I drink hot greentea with honey contained by it. About 7 cups a day have really helped.
Go to the Health Food store and win some Slippery Elm.
It is a mucilage and will coat your throat and make you grain fine again.
Just be sure to drink plenty of water when you are taking it.
Good Luck.
two choices:

1) Chuan bei pi pa gao
2) ginger Tea (best is hm made.. one thumb sized amt ginger next to some black sugar)

pick either. ;)
Okay you can take home some tea like Chamomile ,or what ever. next you put a hole lemon and some honey in beside it , i think it's call a hot totty or something like that (it's grosses but it works).My hot tottys usually nibble really bad because my mom like to ad profoundly of stuff like garlic ,but that's another munificent of hot totty i can't remember how to make that one.You can adjectives so hold your head over a boiling pot this also help looses Flem and moisten the throat .

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