Is it risk-free & sagacious to clutch soft oxygen AND supplements near metals approaching Iron, Zinc, Copper AND anti-oxidants?

Would not the body generate more free radicals (or "rust") within the bloodstream if I take in words liquid oxygen (Cellfood, Hydrogen Peroxide etc) AND multivitamines containing metals approaching Iron, Zinc, Copper, etc? Or perhaps I must in a minute take even more anti-oxidants to seize rid of the free radicals (or "rust") thus generate?

No, it doesn't actually work that passageway. Antioxidants don't just float around the body neutralize free-radicals. Antioxidant activity is modulated by the cell in the body against free-radical effects.

Stablized soft oxygen sources provide singlet oxygen to the cells which are also taken up and utilized contained by biological activity.

Some of the descriptions you read in the region of these things might make one deduce that these things just float around unpredictably in the body, similar to pollen in the atmosphere.

That's not how it works.

Likewise, the trace elements are biologically needed by the body. They get worked into larger molecules by enzymatic processes which also keep them "stable." They're only oxidative contained by excessive ammounts because then the cell can't keep up and they do "float around" a bit.

However, free radical CAN exist in an oxygen rich environment. That's why the body uses antioxidants to neutralize and control free sweeping activity. It's simply that an oxygen rich environment (when you're conversation about the body) does not promote the formation of glum free radicals because the on form cellular activity modulates everything as important.

Outside of the human body, free radicals EXIST because of an oxygen rich environment. That's where on earth the chemistry term "free radical" comes from.
I ponder Cell Food is GREAT! The research done on the product is extensive. There is a book available about the product, and the studies done. I reason if you contact the company, they will send you the book. I get it in my local strength food store.

Those MINERALS are important for enthusiasm.

Free radicals cannot THRIVE surrounded by an Oxygen Rich environment.
For the comment below me, I never said they could not "exist".

Please do some research, rather than listen to answers from race who may not be familiar with this faddy product.

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