How long does aloe liquid save?

It's been within there for some weeks presently but it still smells the same as when I bought it (which is pretty fruitless, of course, so it's firm to know). The only size of container they sold be a gallon, so I can't think it would spoil too without delay, but I want to make sure until that time using it again.

A lot of aloe juice preparations are available contained by the market which own preservatives added to it. Refrigeration will only prevent it from getting stale. However, once the boater of the can is opened, you will enjoy to consume it as early as possible in 15 days as air make the product stale.

I advise my patients to consume fresh aloe liquid from the aloe leaf itself. No preservatives, no licentious smell, just fresh.
It should preserve for a while (obviously refrigerate it). There should also be a expiration date on the bottle, if not contact the company merely incase.

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