What is a perfect unconscious herb you can lug for a cold?


In the 1930s "Echinacea" became popular contained by both Europe and America as a herbal medicine. Echinacea have been popularly attributed next to the ability to boost the body's immune system and circumvent infections, particularly the adjectives cold.

This herb is sometimes used as a natural antibiotic and immune system stimulator, helping to build resistance to colds, flu and infections. It is thought to increase the production of white blood cell, and improve the lymph glands.
Ginseng and vitamin C, drink lots of sea or juice.
You should whip nothing for a cold except wholesome food. Let the cold run its course.
On the first signs of a cold, whip Zinc and Vitiman C. Cut an onion in partly seperate the onion rings put them in a bowl and cover them beside honey, let it sit for 8 hours and clutch the onion out and take teaspoons of the honey when needed and if you enjoy a cough, sip an ice cold coca cola classic.
Zinc.Vit. c , garlic, cod liver grease
A power full herb is Cats Claw. It has masses immune system enhancing benefits.
colloidal silver is a great natural antibiotic though it cannot be used for more that 10 days, surrounded by ww1 and ww2 it was kept on naval ships newly for that purpose because it would stay fresh in its containers , its also appropriate for an immune system that is underneath stress, drink lots of fluids and vitamin c and e help build ur emmune system rear legs up too. get all right soon .

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