Does anyone know of any intuitive cures for Adult ADD?

Adequate amounts of water intake plus magnesium supplements will do. Take mineral hose as follows: 2 glasses (1 glass=8 ounces) upon wake up in the morning, 1 cup half hr back meals, 1 cup 2 and a half hr after meal, 2 glasses at bedtime. Avoid coffee, tea, sodas, chocolates, alcoholic beverages. Take magnesium 450 mg per morning. The liquid preparation is better. This calm the brain and makes the lenient less irritable and more attentive.
Omega-3 is VERY critical. Here are more tips:

1. Avoid foods and drinks high within sugar - e.g. candy..

2. Avoid foods and drinks containing stimulants like caffeine - found contained by coffee, tea, chocolate and coca cola, as well as contained by many spirit drinks.

3. Avoid foods and drinks with artificial flavors and colors, especially tartrazine and MSG.

4. Try to keep hold of junk foods down to a minimum.

5. See what happen if you eliminate wheat and proper carbohydrate from the diet for a few weeks. Many people near ADHD have a wheat intolerance which can result in hyperactivity. Instead use oats, brown rice and rye bread.

6. Eat lots of fresh fruit, salads and veggies. Include fish in the diet as much as possible. Take a supplement containing flaxseed grease or evening primrose oil.
I don't know if its a "cure" but I do know it help my children and my husband. Checkout the the feingold diet. It is a healthy route of eating and eliminate all preservatives, dyes and processed food from your diet. Everyone I know that uses it have had nouns.
Feingold is indeed a good start, shift to their website, it is worth the cost to sign up. In my family we have to go deeper than of late eliminating dyes and additives, however. Food allergies be the culprit, along with gluten intolerance (silent celiac). We tested for gluten (wheat) antibodies beside (stool test is $100), consequently did the IGg Elisa method blood test for delayed allergies ($103 wholesale for the 30 most adjectives foods in a finger stick experiment, up to $200 depending on your caregiver, go to, ask your doc, naturopath or chiropractor) You can also find allergies by taking a resting pulse, a pulse lately before consumption, and a pulse 30, 60, and 90 minutes after eating one food. A rise of more than 10 points indicates allergy. A long detail of allergies indicates a "leaky gut" which means considerable molecules leak from the intestines into the bloodstream and basis an inflammatory response that inflames/irritates the brain in the baggage of ADD. Healing the gut (fast, get colonics, use probiotics and Omega 3 fatty acids) and eliminate the cause (wheat or antibiotic use) give relief. Another consideration is found within the book The Brain Chemistry Plan which will explain diet and supplements depending on your symptoms. It's a great book. Delivered from Distraction is another book you might want. Both books stress the positive side of having such a snatched creative brain; self-acceptance of your unique nature is also a key. I and society I know have have good results using these concept and actions. Good luck.

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