TCM form query and seeking a complete answer (Why/How?)?

Someone told me that eating carp, shrimp, rooster (but not hen), fruits and tofu would produce an infection from inflamation dealing next to cuts, bruses, sprains, internal bleeding, etc. and I am asking for a complete explanation (if any) as to how that works.

I am NOT a TCM practitioner, but I have done accupuncture on myself to a constrained extent.

If you live in the U.S. within are two herbs you obligation to get to know.

1. Plantain: The latin first name is plantago major. verbs a leaf and chew it (to break the cell walls) and apply over the skin injury as a poultice. This is outstandingly healing, and have a high content of organic sulphur that will kill the bleak viruses and microbes on the skin and prevent an infection.

Comfrey. Grind the leaves with a mortar and pestle to break it down (Comfrey is not risk-free to take internaly) and apply the poultice over the bruise.

How do you know you hold internal bleeding.
It's nonsense.
Tofu is a great verve food...I think it cannot inflict internal clay is a good remedy for bruises, so here are some links:

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