Cytomel or Liothyronine? I am on Armour. Could combined dream therapy be supportive for me?

I have be trying to work with my endo but he is only just giving me the run around. I want to add cytomel or liothyronine to my regimen because I enjoy all the side effectsof anyone hypo even though I have no thyroid since I have it removed. I have be on armour for about 4 years and I just take 1 crumb daily.I give attention to I am being below dosed. I am being treated one and only by my labs and not the side effects too.I live in the northern illinois nouns and I could go to a doc within Wisconsin if he was worth the trip. I grain trapped that I can't try to fix my own symptoms because my doctor seems to reckon he is God. It's my body and I want to find a doctor who will work with me and LISTEN TO ME. Anyone out in attendance taking armour and cytomel? I have hear that it makes a big difference if you are still experiencin

Just check near you doc before you mix anything. I would start by looking at this website for some really great herbal products for medical
you didn't influence what symptoms you're having,i have 95% of my thyroid removed and i'm on synthroid.i don't really have any big probs. except i am almost 40 lbs.overweight because my metabolism is prob.sp slow.i never had a counterweight issue before.thats my simply gripe!
well if you are reading you would know you are method undertreated..most people don't start sense well until they enjoy worked up to at least 3 grain or more on armour..i take 4 3/4 grain myself...but yes find another doc who is willing to work beside symptoms first, labs second
I was below the impression armour thyroid contained more T3 hormone within it than would naturally be produced by your thyroid.

I a moment ago add 5 mcg of cytomel to my synthroid to see if I surface better. Before radioactive iodine I was given 50 mcg of cytomel day by day for 4 weeks instead of synthroid, and I thought I felt better. Stress inteferes next to T4 (synthroid) being converted to T3 (cytomel). I already know that no doctor will prescribe me cytomel singular long term, it is not as safe and sound because it is quick acting compared to T4.

I lately had my dose dropped for 225, to 212 and afterwards to 200, when I was sensation hyper. My total T4 is still above the normal array even though my TSH is normal but I surface better.

I would look at your tests results more, see if you T3 is contained by the lower part of usual.

I think a slight increase within your dose could help.

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