What do you judge is the best species of vim vitamins?

If you can take them; MDR fitness tab are fantastic.

I took them for a while and felt close to a million bucks, but the coating on them made me sick at my stonach and I did not re-order.

If and when MDR changes the coating formula; I will be elated to be a repeat customer.
Vitamin "B" will give you a boost and bread and cereal will keep hold of you going but drink plenty of water.

l-Glutamine; Vitamin B-12; L-Theanine; Co-Q-10; Rhodiola are critical Nutrients to discern energized at the muscular & neuro Level. It is important to help yourself to from natural sources and within levels that your body can really use. Some vitamins put within the minimum amount to claim they have them (one to look out for is Co-Q-10 - which is a pure co-enzyme). Email me if you want further clarification.
B Complex and Coq10 and if you need more drive add some DHEA
B vitamins are outstandingly helpful as is Vitamin C. Any vitamins should come from food, or food-based supplements (which are rare) to ensure maximum bioavailability.

Breads and cereal (as one person suggested) is the single worst instrument to get your nutrition because these discreet grains do nil but crank up your blood glucose levels and provide a extraordinarily poor level of nutritional support.
vitamin b complex pills are great for get-up-and-go. Besides that, although it is not a vitamin, bee pollen in the form of capsule and the pollen ground up in a form smoothie works great for energy, I know this from experience.

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