I'd similar to to hear some opinion something like Mona Vie?

I signed up to be a distrubutor but I find the product isn't making a difference and the group seems reasonably "cultish".

Follow your gut. I am sure there are folks who believe this product is making a difference surrounded by their life or a loved ones existence. I have a solid problem with the distributors recounting the amazing stories about it's results beside autistic children. It isn't FDA approved and could be giving folks some real false hope.

It is really concrete to know what to believe.
There are so many companies out within. I am not sure about Mon Vie but I can update you it is hard to fashion money as a distributor unless you are a true salesman..I have be involved in Amway, Changes International and Cookie Lee . If the company doesn't fashion you feel comfortable or seem a bit whacked then spring ship! Amway was controlling and clicky ... Wasn't for me that's for sure!

Every ones body is different and the hypersensitivity varies to the products.. What works for me might not work for you and it could give somebody a lift up to 6 months or more to get results surrounded by the way you touch when taking them... It depends on your health... And the expense can be ridiculous
It's a liquid. It may be a good liquid. It is probably better than drinking soda. The company, to my knowledge, have not documented evidence that the finished product contains any consistent levels of nutrients, phytochemicals or antioxidants.

If you're looking for more expressive opportunities, distribute me an email and I can give you other pointers. Compare them and follow what make sense to you.

In the end, don't try to "convice" others. If something make sense to you, tell someone else and invite them to see if it make sense to them. You'll find that way you'll rise above the amateurs.

And if you involve help, find a mentor.
I distinctly noticed a difference. I bought 4 bottles of the "Active". I do agree beside the cult part, though...
With 19 fruits surrounded by it, how much of the Aqui Berry do you think you really return with to make any manner of a difference? I bought some, couldnt continue it because it be pulpy and seedy and I hold diverticulosis. The mind is a mysterious thing. you can engender some people believe anything if they are accessible to it. I'm sure it is as good as any liquid for you, but at $35 a bottle I think somebody is making out on this stuff.

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