What are some home remedies to cure a sinus infection?

Just wanted some cures for this horrible sinus infection.

Drink lots of non-caffeinated fluids. Also, close your bathroom door and run the shower on hot for going on for 20 mins and breathe in the steam. This will hydrate your sinus cavity.

I also like consumption hot & sour soup and wasabi peas. That clears up my nasal passages.

Hope you touch better soon!
Lavender, teatree and olbas oil within hot water---inhale with a towel over your go before!
extra Vit c and zinc
Rest - fresh air -
saline solution nasal spry
Oraginol juice.it has be heavily advertised contained by the latest
unprocessed health and life mags...I used it and stopped cold
and flu like symptoms surrounded by their tracks, which started with sinus infections my week nouns...it is susposed to act
resembling a antibiotic with a boil factor and kills germs virus and parisites...find it at natural robustness food store. few drops in chalice of water.
Garlic is a untaught antibiotic.
It works pretty good on sinus infections!

Hope you're better soon!
Great answers above - I really can't advance on them except to say: Keep your immune system surrounded by good shape by consumption plenty of FRESH, RAW FRUITS and VEGETABLES, as well as lots and lots of FRESH ORGANIC RAW GARLIC.
Hi Manda!
Using a innate nasal spray made with saline and baking soda has help me a lot. The recipe for this home remedy is 1/2 cup hose, 1/4 teaspoon salt and a pinch of baking soda. Make sure that you use really verbs bottled water or filter water, otherwise you could be paid things worse. Shake the mixture well and put into a verbs nasal spray bottle. This is also an excellent home remedy for allergies. You can use this nasal spray several times a day; it is surprisingly significant as well as cheap!
Also Vitamins and Foods for Treating and Preventing Sinus Infections: please look article: http://www.askedweb.com/askedweb/how_to_...
Jason Homan

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