Steam distillation of herb & plants...?

Is there anywhere I can buy the essential tools to use for steam distillation (for extraction of essential oils) of herbal plants at home?

Well, you could try your local health food store. Not the "GNC" type places though. They should know how to steer you in the right direction or distribute you some websites to try. Google it as well, you may find what you're looking for or you may find someone within the know who could help you find what you stipulation. Sounds interesting to me, good luck!

Just curious, why do this instead of a short time ago buying the oils already made? Not condeming, simply wondering... ;)
Any laboratory supply house can give you a Corning steam distillation apparatus.

It is presumed that you are trying to distill small quantity for personal consumption. If for commerce you will need a designed SS plant.

It should be told that this could be hazardous if children and pets are around, since the adjectives set up will be hot, glass is fragile, and scalding injuries possible.

It is not agreed in which country you propose to do this. There may be local regulations too.
There are several places that you can buy steam distillation unit, but you are opening yourself to adjectives kinds of permitted hassles, because you could a moment ago as easily stir and distill your own moonshine.

Lastly in adjectives honesty it would be more cost effective to newly fork out the money to buy the Essential oils because to bring one fluid ounce of pure essential oil, you would requirement anywhere between 200 pounds of the herbs to 1 1/2 ton of the herb.

Lastly the herb MUST be fresh when the distillation is done. If the herbs are allowed to dry out; most of the volatile oil evaporate.

It just isn't worth the expense, and the officially recognized hassles to do it yourself.

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