What is a prompt home remedy for a severe headache?

My boyfriend has be dealing with a really fruitless headache for about a week or two and have been taking medication for it but nil seems to work. I basically want any other solutions to this problem any suggestions are helpful.

He might want to consider seeing a Chiropractor - I never thought I would but he be a big help next to headaches. Now I pilfer Excedrin and lay down with an icebag at the remains of my skull and it works great. Of course something long term requirements to be checked out by your doctor. Hope you soon get nouns.
sleep a lot...
I don't reflect a "quick home remedy" is what you should be looking for. A headache that last that long could be a sympton of a larger problem. Insist that your boyfriend see a doctor immediately.
If the prevalent 'source' of his headache is pain over/around his eyes, on his facade or in his cheek or upper teeth, it's probably a sinus infection.

If the headache is sinus-based, I would suggest lots of steam, lots of hot drinks and stay away from alcohol, particularly beer (tends to bring out the allergens). Stick a showery washcloth in the microwave for 20 second and then lay it over his cheekbones. Also capture a humidifier going.
A large chalice of water.
I would suspect it is a sinus headache. Go buy him some allergy medication & see if this improves his condition. Advil Cold & Sinus is perfect.
Taking too much drug medications can also create a condition certain as rebound headache. So he ends up not only failing to treat himself but near worse headaches than ever.

It is a apposite idea to use colloquial methods of relieving headaches. I am a chronic headache sufferer and get to learn almost several home remedies from a book. Here is a couple of them:
- take magnesium.
- feverfew herb
- varying sleeping patterns

In reality, I think your examine is timely as the book is offered at a great steal right now. You can check it here at http://www.naturalheadacheremedies.com...
My headache cure is within three steps.

1. take a spasm killer beside cafine (the migrane formmula of excedrin, Cope, Vanquish, Goody's headache powders are some examples)

2. eat a chocolate banister

3. drink a can of cafinated soda such as Coke.

All three of the items have cafine (about as much as two cups of coffee.

The cafine cause the blood vessels to restrict. When the blood vessel shrink, the pressure is relieved.
Take an headache tablet
A headache is a condition of mild to severe pain surrounded by the head; sometimes upper backbone or neck distress may also be interpreted as a headache.
Eye strain; shock; grief; worry; gastro-intestinal irregularities; mental emotion, i.e., anger, fear, love, jealously and remorse may impose migraine at one time and hysteria at another.
Symptoms of headache may be varied and these may be blurring of vision, flashes of light, ball of fire, etc.; chilliness; flashes of heat; dizziness; depression or excitation; confusion of thinking; numbness, etc. then comes the strain which is usually one sided, and may be any or all sensations, sharp or dull, continuous or intermittent, etc. There may or may not be pain of the affected cut.


* Place your thumbs right in the center of respectively temple Massage firmly using a circular motion for a minute or two, or until you feel nouns.
* A hot water hip bath or shower may also help to relieve the headache.
* Eat 10-12 almonds, for a migraine headache.
* Make a compress by putting 5 drops of lavender essential grease in cold (or warm) marine. Swish around a soft cloth, and then put it on your cranium or neck.
* Put your hand in hot river, which seems to verbs the pressure out of your head.
* In some cases sleep give relief to the headache. Sleeping on fund give nouns to the headache.
* Deep breathing is a great tension reliever. Deep breathing give immediate nouns to the headache.
* Tie a tight cloth around the head. It will shrinking blood flow to the scalp and lessen the throbbing and pounding of a migraine.
* Avoid chocolate, aged cheese, red wine, citrus fruits. These foods all contain tyramine or other histamines which own been shown to start off migraines in ethnic group with food sensitivities.
* Prepare a cement of freshly ground clay or freshly ground sandalwood and apply to the forehead, let dry, rub sour by hand and rinse out.
* Drink a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm wet or fill the stomach completely near water if suffering from a cold.
* Take equal parts of natural apple cider vinegar and sea place in a small jar on the stove, allowing it to boil slowly. When the fumes begin to rise from the vessel, lean your head over it until the fumes are comfortably strong. Inhale for approximately 50 to 80 breaths.
* Juice of ripe grapes and is an effectual home remedy for the migraine headache.
* Niacin has proved useful in relieving migraine headache. Valuable sources of this vitamin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seed, liver, and fish.
* Take few leaves of the cabbage crush them, and then place within a cloth and bound on the forehead at bedtime, or when convenient during the day. The Compress should be renewed when the leaves dry out.
* Make a bond of the lemon crust. The paste should be applied, resembling a plaster on the forehead. It will provide great relief.
* Carrot liquid along with spinach, or beet and cucumber juice, has be found beneficial in the treatment of migraine. In the first combination, 200 ml of spinach liquid may be mixed with 300 ml of carrot liquid to prepare 500 ml or half a litre of the combined juice. In the second combination, 100 ml each of beet and cucumber juice may be mixed with 300 ml of carrot liquid.
* The patient should guzzle frequent small meals fairly than a few large ones. Overeating should be avoided. Copious drinking of river is beneficial.
* Rutin removes toxic metals, which may cause migraines.
* Make a solution by accumulation half a teaspoon mustard seed powder and three teaspoons water, put surrounded by the nostrils, it helps to lessen the migraine.
* A peppermint steam inhalation provides quick nouns for sinus headaches.
* Mix 1 teaspoon finely ground cinnamon (called dalchini surrounded by India) in 1-teaspoon hose and applies on the forehead. It is very influential in headache due to exposure to cold nouns.
* Make a paste from dry ginger near a little hose down or milk, apply to the forehead for relief of the headache due to sinusitis.
* Make a join of 10-15 Basil leaves with 4 cloves and 1 teaspoon dried ginger and apply to forehead for sinus cure.
* Cut a potato into 4 pieces, place 2 surrounded by the center of your forehead and two at your temple (Hold the ones at your temples surrounded by place). Lie down in a shadowy room and close your eyes. It takes a while to work but it take away the pain.

In most cases, the root incentive of consistent headaches is the stomach. Indigestion, unflattering bowel movements, constipation, alcohol, smoking, eyesight, too much computer, tensions, stress both physical and mental, contribute to headache.

Try to identify the cause and you will know how to treat it.
When a headache lasts this long your boyfriend should see a doctor because this may indicate something vastly serious. Please don't delay any longer.
First and foremost he should find out what is the root of the problem, any by seeing a regular doctor or by going to a holistic healer or acupuncturist. It's really important to treat the raison d`¨ētre and not the symptoms. Second, for temporary nouns a good remedy is to apply pure essential lavendar grease to the temples.

Kim at: http://www.peaceful-organic-planet.com...

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