What do you judge is the best gun for self guard?

persionaly for home defence a 12 ga. semiautomatic remmington shotgun

for concealed cary a sig p229 surrounded by .40 S&W

Well, a shotgun for home defense. That ought to make sure you wipe out the person, as okay as anyone else in the room next to the spray!

I say the best gun for home defense is no gun at adjectives. Statistically, you're more likely to shoot a loved one accidentally, after to protect them with your macho inevitability to use a gun. I've used guns my whole vivacity, and was trained contained by the army to use them. But truthfully, guns are just another rationale why our species can't make the proverbial leap to the subsequent level of evolution. They are a brutal overkill, and surrounded by many cases unnecessary. Unless I'm contained by Iraq, I'll do just fine near a big *** stick!
You want a 45. Small enough to own handy with twice the stopping power of a 9mm.
totally agree next to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
For the home the shotgun is the best.

For a carry weapon i'd pick the 10mm Glock withan 18 round clip and the super hot Chinese rounds.
Right on heather! I approaching your thinking! Get either a different springfield xd .45 that holds 13 rounds or a springfield 1911 Gi .45!
I like a .45acp for personal use, and a 12 quantify pump model 870 for home. The 45 will not go through a wall, into the subsequent room and take out a friendly. The auto shotgun may preserve but unlikely. the .45 is known for its 1 shot stop capablility and the shotgun is downright depressing to an attacker.
Remington 870 shotgun. And I resembling the Sig, but a .40 might be too much for a lady to fiddle with. A Sig 232 is more compact and would be easier for a woman to handle.
These Guns *flexes arms*
BAZOOKA- THAT"LL SHOW-EM seriously, a shot gun is our choice.

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If I can't get to my 1911 I'll lug whatever I can catch my hands on.

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