Sometimes when i look at objects i see the goal plus two more right lower than it and when i squint i see middle-of-the-road?

You are experiencing a condition known as vertical diplopia - two descriptions seen, one difficult than the other. It is often indicative of problems next to the eye muscles or nervous system concerned near eye movement control. Best to see an opthamologist (eye specialist).
you need specs
You need goggles or contacts. Im the exact same way in need my glasses.
Please be in motion to the eye doctor and get checked out!
Your eyes are crossing. There is an prehistoric joke roughly the three cross-eyed prisoners and the cross-eyed judge. The Judge looks at the first prisoner and asks, "How do you plead?". The second prisoner answers, "Not guilty." The go-between says, "I wasn't discussion to you." The third prisoner says, "I didn't articulate anything."
I would highly suggest you see an optometrist. He may refer you to an opthamologist for further nouns. Good luck!
go to the eye doctor especially if you procure headaches too i'm like peas in a pod way. it sucks
Prism time; undersized eye muscles....
Here's the reason why squinting help a person see better. But also see a doctor.
Sounds close to you need eyeglasses. Better make an appointment beside the eye doctor.

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