I wanna know what's d best colon cleanser/internal cleanser that is to say over d counter. Thanks.?

These are a ripoff and can actually raison d`¨ētre more harm than correct. Your colon does not need cleansing. It works only just fine the way God made it!
fleet enema
ky, 2 liter of coke and a turkey baster
within aren't any over da counter DA!
More fiber helps...
Dr. Natura is a great one, available online.

Ultimate Cleanse is another, available within health food stores.

ReNew Life make excellent products, too, but I don't recall the christen.

try 2 TBSP of sea brackish in 4 cups of room temp. hose drink it all down on an abandoned stomach lie on your right side for nearly 30 mins after your done drinking to allow the fluid to make its path into your intestines. in give or take a few 2 hours you should be on the potty
Try a two qt warm marine enema. Works everytime.

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