I would love to try this different tablet call champix to relief me stop smoking?

ive asked my doc and asked in the chemist but i cant win it anywhere can anyone help me find out where on earth i can buy it

It's only available on prescription and I don't know why your Dr. won't prescribe it, unless it is because of the cost? I would possibly try another Dr. at your Practice if you are able to. I work surrounded by a Pharmacy and the feedback I have have is that it works really well for relations who have tried other ways to offer up. So keep perservering and I hope you are competent to get it prescribed soon.

Have done some research as to the cost and it is relatively a bit more than the lb50. Here are some rough figures for you:-

2 week starter pack = lb87.95
2 week restock pack = lb87.95
1 month starter pack = lb139.95
1 month refill pack = lb139.95
Cost of full course = lb335.00

It is expensive but I suppose cheaper than buying cigarettes long-term. I'm sure your Dr. would prescribe if you asked him to out it on a private prescription. For exact prices you could ask your Pharmacy what they would charge if you brought surrounded by a private script.

Hope this have helped.
Funny that my monkey uses Chimpax to stop her bulky flow..
try will power
you may want to try calling around to a few drug stores, we do have it within CT. as a matter of certainty, my daughter is using it right now, and hasn't smoked contained by a few months. unlike the patch, you don't have to quit smoking while you're taking the pill, but it does stop the cravings and let's u stop little by little. after all, u have to learn to smoke, immediately u just hold to learn not to. righteous luck.
It`s on prescription in UK. I be prescribed it last December,
It`s a twelve week course, you rob it for a week to ten days
before stopping smoking,you afterwards continue tablets till cease of course. Champix (varenicline) is similiar to zyban but have a far better success rate,it works on receptors contained by your brain to remove nicotine cravings, it makes cigs piece absolutely repulsive, but can also bring in you feel nauseus.The obedient part is I hold not smoked for nearly 4 months.(good luck).
p.s. if your Dr. won`t prescribe it will be because of the cost, it`s expensive.
It`s called Champix contained by UK, in USA it`s Chantix.
I am not identifiable with this product, but I know that fluid catnip will help beside smoking cessation. You just put a few drops on the hindmost of your tongue when you have the urge to smoke and it take that "urge" away.

It's worked for a lot of family that I know.
Buy a tablet calls" will power"...it cost nothing.
Champix is a licenced drug available on prescription from your GP. The course is 12 weeks, since GPs tend to provide 4 weeks only at a time, provided he is of a mind to prescribe it for you it will cost no more than 3X lb6.50.

It is supposed to be more effective than Zyban, which is more important than NRT. Unfortunately as many as 25% of patients go and get some nausea with it.

Good Luck!!
You can buy Champix online. Click the following relationship to get Champix: http://www.121doc.co.uk/affiliate/script...
First of adjectives, it is called "chantix". It comes within 2 different ways. U would begin near the starter pack for the first month then u would use the continuing pack for just about 3 months after that. One box contains 53 tablets, and the other has 56 tablets. It's roughly 167 bux w/o prescription. It is a high hawker in my pharmacy so it seem to help extremely well. Of course, it's prescription one and only so u need to seize with u'r doctor. Every pharmacy should pass it. I know for a fact that CVS, walgreens, walmart, arensburg, taylor drugs, and tons other retail pharmacies would carry it.

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