I threw up within German class. Im so embarrased what do i do in a minute?

I threw up during my German final. It was everyware adjectives over the floor and over the fat chick who sits down me and then adjectives over the teacher. Then the don threw up, it landed on the kid who sits contained by front of me then he threw up on an insomniac who sits subsequent to him then the insomniac crapped his pant. What do i do now

tom its chris my investigational profile got suspended, im so barmy, i h@te yahoo, anyway give me best answer i requirement points, you should apoligize to herr and hope that nobody makes fun of you,
You pray
Go fund to the teacher and influence:
"Es tut mir wirklich leid, dass ich mich ├╝bergeben habe. K"onnte ich bitte wieder versuchen, die Klausur zu schreiben?"

This means: "I am extraordinarily sorry, that I threw up. Could I please try to take the examination again?" I figured your trainer would be impressed by the effort of speaking German.

Viel Gl├╝ck!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! thankfulness. i needed that.

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