Did anyone see Supersize v Superskinny final darkness?

One of the presenters had a colonic chafe & lost inches. Does anyone know any clinics/salons that offer this service surrounded by the West Yorks area?

Answer:    To book your colonic irrigation/colon hydrotherapy treatment, appointment us now on 0113 258 8700

Otley Natural Health Clinic

1-9, Market Place, Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 3AQ
Tel: 01943 465333


259, Harrogate Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS17 6PA
Tel: 07872 953560

5, Ivegate, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS19 7RE
Tel: 0113 391 0415

Willow Clinc

8, Thorn Lane,
West Yorkshire

Tel: 0113 269 5522
Mob: 07845 396063

Very interesting program and hurt when you saw that young womans stomach after the surgery..
she be still a fat slag though Any tv show that voice you got to be this or that is to say stupid. As long you are in a athletic range who care?
I saw - it was rather amazing but I live in Scotland so can't assist you! Sorry their was a place surrounded by keighley.
Why don;t you just exercise !

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