Still sick...?

I have have this cough and sore throat for the longest time and I have be taking a bunch of medicine for it and zilch just seem to work plus I'm tired of taking the medicine...does anyone know anything untaught for me to take (besides regular medicine) to try and assistance me get better?

if it's be several weeks you might want to see you doctor, otherwise you can start by gargling near saltwater(1 teaspoon of salt surrounded by 8oz warm hose down 6 times a day) and if your legal drinking age a hot toddy( look it up on the lattice for a recipe you like ) or ask you parents, you can also gargle hydrogen peroxide ( if your mature enough, except ask your parents first please) this can be dangerous but it works and you CAN NOT SWALLOW ANY OF IT PERIOD, AND YOU CAN ONLY USE IT ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK BECAUSE IT CAN HARM YOUR TEETH SO BE CAREFUL. in that is a honey and lemon hot tea drink that also works also look up natural beneficial on the net you will find plentiful many more.
You might hold allergies. Have you tried an antihistamine?
There is something called a Neddy pot. I suppose that's how you spell it but it looks like a tea pot. I saw it on Oprah on Ask Dr Oz and be thinking about getting one. They said its resembling giving your sinus a bath. Its great for colds and allergies.
Try taking elderberry. It's an herb and you can find it surrounded by a capsule or as a cough syrup( it's call sambucol). You'll start to see results immediately. Go to a vigour food store.
Hope you try it and good luck!
whenever we consistency sick its because our body is trying to tell us something is not right. That may nouns a little deliberate, but its not always the travel case. A lot of times, we just don't want to listen. Because we are afraid, or we a moment ago don't want to go through what it vehicle to change the situation specifically making us feel doomed to failure.
In the throat there's an energy center, the 5th major chakra, which has to do beside our hopes & dreams, want we want for ourselves, and how we make that decision come true. If there is something almost your life that you are not chirpy about, or specifically troubling you, or something that you feel you involve to say to somebody, but cant.. ably, thats it.
If you want to learn more, do a google turn out on the chakra system.
If you feel close to it may be right for you, try with drive therapy, similar to reiki or Bach flower essences.
have you checked and ruled out Mono and strep throat?

Do you smoke?

My neighbors daughter lately missed a semester of college with Scarlet restlessness because she ignored a sore throat for months

you stipulation to rule out some causes so you hold a better idea of what you may enjoy

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