Has Anyone read the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" by Kevin Trudeau?

read it. what do you think?

I hold the updated version.
The cures are cleanses to detoxify the body. I've read the book, also read the naysayers comments on quackwatch.
What he say in the book make sense. Nothing he says is out surrounded by left enclosed space, wacko sounding, just polite common sense.

Think nearly the additives in our food and hose that weren't there 50 yrs ago. We hold no idea what those chemicals do long permanent status. The food industry certainly doesn't want to find out that they are fruitless.
The drug companies would lose gazillions if no one needed their drugs anymore.
It's only just common sense.

I enjoy a friend G, whos Mom had cancer. Sadly after stinging chemo and radiation she died. While she was still alive, however, G read the book, hoping to oblige her mom. 2 mos before her moms' extermination, G was diagnosed beside Stage 5 uterine cancer and given no more than 3 months to live. After a second oncologists consultation: basically, "shift get your affairs surrounded by order, adjectives we can do is manage the pain" G arranged to instigate colonics. She had 30 colonics within 45 days, ate nothing but life foods, and some protein powder.
She's been cancer free for 7 yrs.

My friend R other got yeast infections, 3-4 a year! After the Candida cleanse, no more problems. It's be 2 yrs.

I had heartburn every daylight. It didn't matter what I ate, everything give it to me. I was ingestion a bottle of antacids a week. All I did was alkalize my body and I haven't have heartburn now for almost 2 yrs.
I couldn't use satisfactory moisturizer to stop my dry skin from itching. I tried probably 10 different kinds, anywhere from $8 to $19 a bottle. I put a shower filter surrounded by my bathroom, got rid of the chemicals contained by my water and, what do you know...no more dry itchy skin!
Yeah, the guy is making loads of money from his book, right for him!
Good for me, G and R too. There'a 3 of us that have be 'cured' by his cures!
I didnm't read it, because I was turned stale by the fact that Trudeau is a criminal.
The man is a quack and his book is worthy of the nearest daily shredder.
actually... yes.. .and he be just on tv almost 20 mins ago. real interesting facts surrounded by that book. definitely polite stuff to know.
The book is basically a giant "sale letter" for his newsletter. The source of the book is apparently three different health books that used to deal in on clickbank. It provided great sensationalism and sold a lot of books.

But as you can see here this FTC release, Trudeau is the merely person is history to hold been disallowed from ever being contained by an infomercial again.


There are many things surrounded by the book which are a shadow of the truth. People who refer to this stuff as "unsubstantiated wive's tales" tend to lack the research perspective to know the difference and do not realize that modern pharmacology derives from the naturally occuring chemicals found within the roots and herbs from make-up. They can't be Patented so the drug companies do not have a financial incentive to support raw versions of the artificial copies they net, Patent and put into their drugs.

So take it adjectives with a crumb of salt. ;-)
yes I read it and it made me regard as about things differently and is right give or take a few alot of things but I do think it is wrong that you own to get his newsleeter to find out more. This is where on earth I started looking for answers my self
I have read his book and yes in that is a lot of adjectives information. However, i would never just rely on one source for information something like the natural products industry. I try to crease information from a variety to product an informed decision. I subscribe to a newsletter from News Target.
I didn't fritter away money on it; but a friend did.Tommy was not too impressed because the book did not provide ample information. om how to do some of the methods.
I have read it and wrote a review at http://www.theweightlossformula.com/arti...
I read the book and found it to enjoy a bit of interesting information. However, most of the time, it would not provide the 'cure' it would simply state... 'if you wanna know, go to my website'. Once you jump to the website, you must become a member and subscribe to a newsletter or something to that effect to get hold of more information. I was disappointed.

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