boasting immune system??

I think I take to many colds. I get through well and exercise so its not that How can I build up my immune system.

Vitamin C is a powerful immune system support. 1000 mg/day is the recommmended dosage to prevent colds and adjectives infections.
If you still feel a cold coming on, increase the dosage to 100 mg/ every 2 hours, combined near 2 Echinacea capsules. Take 1 zinc lozenge per year. Continue until bedtime, and if symptoms persist the subsequent morning, continue for a different day. Symptoms should disappear.

Linus Pauling, the just person to win two Nobel Prizes, did extensive research on C and made these recommendation. Personal experience has validate it over and over.

Echinacea is an immune system strengthener but is only powerful for short-term treatment. Don't take it day by day. If you are really sick, 2 weeks is the limit. It loses its efficacy if taken regularly.

BTW, humans and guinea pigs are the solitary mammals that don't produce their own Vitamin C.
Take multivitamins!
Foods such as garlic, B-1,3-D glucan, olive leaf (extract), echinacea, ginseng, astralgalus, goldenseal, lemon balm, modified citrus pectin, carnivora (venus fly trap), some mushrooms and plant sterols can be adjectives.

Nutrient deficiency is a famed cause of immune system hitch.
Multivitamin is any preparation containing more than a single vitamin. Multivitamin is intended to provide a proper dietary balance by supplementing the diet near additional vitamins and minerals.
A powerful breakthrough within building up the immune system is the clinically tested, natural interferon booster - NutriFeron.

NutriFeron is a patented, clinically proven blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts. Taken day by day, NutriFeron strengthens immune response by boosting the body's natural interferon.

Dr. Kojima, the world renowned immunologist who discovered interferon surrounded by 1954, spent 40 years searching for a crude interferon booster.

The result of Dr. Kojima's work is the proprietary botanical blend in NutriFeron, the ONLY dietary supplement within the U.S. created by the discoverer of interferon that naturally increases the production of interferon within the body.

The formula for NutriFeron is proven by four published human clinical studies.

Hope this is useful and touch free to contact me with question or the website.
Vitamin C 1000mg Per day
Also Take Rosehips

A combination of Vitamin C and Rosehips will boost your immune system conflict virus.
go to a doctor and run some test first to find out if you are OK. don't steal vitamins or anything else before you ask your doctor if it's OK
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine have a long detailed chapter on the immune system and how to boost it.

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