If an alternative drug in actuality worked?

Wouldn't the makers win FDA approval and sell it for twice the profit? Why would a capitalist keep something from one tested unless they thought it wouldn't be approved as safe and potent?

It's not as simple as you seem to suggest. The FDA is controlled by pharmaceutical companies and they definitely do not want alternative therapy to become more competition to them than it alreadyis. FDA approval (or the lack thereof) have nothing to do near what drives alternative therapy costs anyway.

And why would alternative therapy want to hike up costs? Part of what make alternative therapies so appealing to the piles is that they are economical compared to prescription drugs and other "allopathic" therapies. Drive up the costs and tons will turn to traditional therapies that are more promising to be covered by insurance.

Don't get me wrong, I acknowledge that within are snake oil salesmen out within selling bogus products/services under the guise of alternative medicine/therapy. But don't throw out the babe with the tub water. There are copious therapies that are rather valid and helpful. Identify the desperate guys, but leave the fitting ones alone.
Exactly. None of those "alternative" medications work.

For upright examples go to the FDA Warning Letter contact and see all the companies that own recently gotten contained by trouble for the idiotic claims they've made.

Some of them are from plant sources that we could adjectives obtain. If we did consequently the drug companies would not be able to rip us bad selling us their products.
According to the FDA Drug approval page I just visit, the FDA does indeed approve alternative medicines, and give specific information on the pros and cons of the ones they listed. The maker cannot sell it in need FDA approval. If a maker of an alternative doesn't allow conducting tests they already know the results from their own tests.
As for selling it for twice the profit, they wouldn't be capable of sell as much. Alternative tablets does work, but like any pills you have to use it next to caution, and alert your doctor of any that you are taking.
I own been a registered nurse for 7 years. I run a whole food supplment, which is a fruit. It is not a medication. I will give an account you it works. I have see it change masses lives. Because the government is adjectives about money, it is iffy to state that anything other that a drug can...prevent, treat, or cure disease. Please read Kevin Trudeau's books and you will have a better awareness of what is going on with the full alternative medicine and FDA approval mess.
corporations cant put together a profit off something you can grow within your yard.
also FDA is simply one more goverment branch that lobbyist hit. ever hear of a company spending that kind of money on a product they can not copy right or attain a patent on?

example. layitril ( spelling) is actualy made from the pip of organic apricots or peaches, ( I forget which one) it have extreme amounts of vitamin b 17 i think it is. getting your bodys Ph smooth in the right zone help a lot also.

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