I hold a reprehensible sore throat. Is cold tea or hot tea better and why?

Hi, "ail agent ramirez". A sore throat is an acute inflammation of the lower pharynx mucous membranes. It can be an inflammation of the tonsils. We need to relieve relieve this in any road. Sore throats can be an early caution sign of a cold or flu, or they can be the result of a viral or bacterial infection. They can also be the consequence of allergies or simply sleeping with our mouths unseal.

Yes, a cold tea or hot tea can be good helping but, gargle is an effective opening to soothe your throat and the inflammation that exists. There are a number of solutions you can gargle next to.

Salt water is among the most popular of these. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of brackish with an eight-ounce cup of warm dampen. Gargle the whole mixture and repeat every hour as called for. This combination will increase the blood supply to the area by wash out the mucous and dilating the capillaries.

You can also gargle next to diluted lemon juice contained by warm hose down, or add 1 spoon of bourbon or whiskey to a chalice of water to numb the nouns.
Jason Homan
I drink hot tea with lemon and honey surrounded by it.
this always heal my throat

boil some water
put some of the boiled hose down into a mug
put in lots of honey and afterwards also add alot of lemon
stir it up until it become an even mixture and sip slowly it always help me! good luck!

the vitamin c within the lemon actually help heal you and your throat and the honey give it a soft coating to stop it being scratchy and sore!
I own answered this question a little times.

Gargle with hot sea.
Add a spoon of turmeric powder to pre-heated water contained by a glass, and gargle when hot. Do not include salt.
Simple but thoroughly effective.
Turmeric is both antiseptic and antibiotic and is a untaught herb.
Neither! Gargle warm saline water 3 times day by day for a few days and it should do the trick!
Either way it won't be terrifically nice I don't think!! Try some heat up Rosehips tea. You can usually get it from the grocery store or any honourable health food store will market it. At around the same price as middle-of-the-road tea and really good for cold/flu symptoms because it is the richest fluent source of vitamin C. The C is actually manufactured lower than the bud of the rose - called a hip.

Go attain yourself some vitamin C supplements. The best vitamin C supplement is one that contains the complete C complex of bioflavonoids, hesperidin and rutin. Sometimes these are lebelled citrus salts.

So ... jump on, get into it!! Good condition to you ....:0)


Hot tea. You can also make a hot lemon aid. Squeeze fresh lemon within hot water and add on honey, local honey if available.
There are a lot of correct answers on here. I also like the hot lemon tea next to honey, but when my throat is in requirement of absolute instant nouns I disolve one or two aspirin in a cup of water and gargle near it. Swallow it if you like, or not. My grandpa give me that remedy a LONG time ago, but I never tried it until about 2 or 3 months ago. I couldn't obtain relief from any of my run of the mill methods. I just don't know why I wait so long to actually help yourself to his advice. :(
Hot tea is better, it will alleviate your throat.More details at http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html...
I worked for a radio station. I found the best remedy for a sore throat was thaw out water and using you voice singular when absolutely compulsory.

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