I necessitate to go past a drug try-out within 2 days. what can i do excluding detox. im a lil filling. 180lbs 5'6"?

Drink lots of water and some sure-gel.

You could also enjoy someone "clean" piss in a children's asprin bottle and video it to your leg (so it stays warm).
Sweat it out, use a suana and drink tons of water.
Well I'm not sure on this.
Blood Letting may work.
Alot of Cranberry Juice and Water. Of course if you be just drinking. Green smoke stays surrounded by your system for a month.
well that adjectives depends on what drugs are in your system and how habitually you do them please give for a while more information I work in a drug lab and might be capable of help you out but I obligation to know a little more
Get Sonne 7 from your local vigour food store. It's a quart of nasty stuff but it works. Drink the integral bottle and then drink GALLONS of marine the next two days. Good luck.
this guy i no swears by it he drinks a swallow of clorox lol but i own another friend that says he soaks his finger contained by some clorox and let it dry by there and when u tender the sample urinate over the cloroxed finger both work!!!!!
cranberry liquid for urine tests... if its a blood interview your fucked tho. dont do drugs =]
go to gnc or something close to it and get this stuff call gold root, as a rule u take resembling 2 a day and it keep u clean, but if u appropriate like 2 an hour and drink deeply cranberry juice u will b set, i did this b4 it works fine and gold ingots root comes in pills so near is no bad weakness and its just a majority plant so u wont od on it
My advice is to not filch drugs that you are not supposed to. Cheating does not help you it hurts you.

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