Tantra meditation/yoga retreats?

Any good links for qulaity yoga/meditation/relaxation/tan... retreats contained by Europe or south-east Asia?

Have a lovely day!

I'm sorry I know of nought to help, but how going on for visiting an Indian Reservation within North America...Lot's of holistic and natural medicinal together with spiritual meditation, conceivably a consideration??

If in doubt....GOOGLE it! It other comes up trumps for when needed!;o}

Good luck xXx
Hiya...I do know of a group that is low cost as okay..It's called yoga on a shoe string and One of my yoga teacher does it sometimes..Sounds great although I have never be able to shift on one yet lol..not sure of their website but I contemplate its yogaonashoestring.com...or try google for them...
They sounds lovely and I get emails from them every month or so.recitation me whats going on etc...
Hope this helps??
Namaste xx

P.s another one of my yoga teacher has her own yoga business and retreats...her relationship is:http://www.whyoga.com/whyoga.html...
There is a tantra studio in Cornwall. Find out more on www.tantralaboratory.co.uk
Might want to check out the advertisers and links section of Shambhala Sun:

or Tricycle:
Best of luck to you friend. Wishing you peace.

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