Name of some medicine available for avoiding sleep??

If the chemical constituents can also be given, it would be well and virtuous.But specific brand name is required of those medicine that will help to preserve away sleep at night.

Trade designation Provigil or Modlift and many other
saline Modalafil 200mg
Dose OD or BID
Very safe to bring.
Cost 150/- per 10 tablet
Pack 10*10 tablet
Drugs, Television, and caffeine.

If you want to destroy your body, please, by adjectives means, do so.

If you want to find a bearing to get smaller number sleep NATURALLY, and feel better after such little amounts of sleep, look into healthful dieting. I sleep no more than 3 hours respectively rest, and normally I'm a diurnal 2-sleep time type of party. 1 and a half hour power nap are enough for me. All I devour is fresh fruit and vegetables, drink herbal tea, etc.

BTW, cigarettes will also keep you awake. : P
strong coffee would help out avoiding sleep....

medication for this, if at all it is near, should not be taken... or be known to adjectives people... it would be venomous...
Ordinarily body needs sleep.Sleep is the rest for body. In some luggage over sleep is the disease.Find out your sleeping system and consult with your doctor.
BEST TIP......enjoy for ever heard of red Chilly ?.Just filch one spoon and beleive me you won't sleep for hours.....
Just to make you chortle...
What is the driver here ?

Night shift work ?

You must try to sleep 8 hours minimum in 24 hours if you are working night. That means that you may call for sleeping peels during the sunshine time.

All other answers are valid to some extent.
consult ur physician .he can give the rt prescription,taking into rationalization ur daily routines and behaviour he will advice u.
I'm narcoleptic, and I pinch a daily stimulant: Provigil.

I am given 400 mg/day (this is the maximum dosage), and it keep me awake.

But you can't get Provigil in need a prescription. And you can't get the prescription unless you've be tested and diagnosed with a sleeping disorder.
they are unwholesome .they are to be taken under medical supervision for specific diseases.
You want to get yourself into a guide. Work is no excuse you need to sleep.

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