I tried shrooms ultimate hours of darkness and loved them, is sharp a HORRIBLE hypothesis to try?

I hear so many different things. I am afraid to even TOUCH the stuff b/c of the means of access people mess beside it. My mom said not to b/c it isn't the same immediately as it was when she be my age. The acid can really kill in cold blood you now a days. I believe her, but I hear such wondeful things. Is X safer? I loved the fancy I got from shrooms. I want something approaching that..only mind and body..and to be safe- and merely try it once..

It's all more or less moderation and research. Erowid.org is a wonderful source of information. If you really want to do it, prepare for it well by researching dosage and preparing mentally.

There is alot of unapprised information out there (here especially, and no the irony doesn't surpass me). Like most hallucinogins, you would have to nick a riduclous amount to even come close to overdosing (in this respect it is much safer than cocaine and *ahem* alcohol and a myriad of other drugs).

Most people don't purloin hallucinogins to let loose or "carry messed up", they take it for introspection and latest perspectives.

I suggest OCCASIONAL drug use if you are a responsible individual. LSD is stronger however, so be prepared for that.

You only live once.

Most of the soapbox orators here are misinformed.
Okay you tried it. Now stay away from it. It can shoot you just close to it could have kill your mother. There are no safe "illicit" drugs because you can never be sure of where on earth it came from and what it be mixed with and how much to thieve.
This is how all these teenagers are dying in this day and age, no drugs are good, nearby aren't any that are "better" then others, they are adjectives bad, be in motion hang out near friends or something else to get a unprocessed high, you dont involve drugs.
I would say you already know the answer to the grill you are asking.......stay away from acid!!!!!!!
It's an informal narcotic. stay away from them. They can kill you or mess up your entire go. Stop now while you still can. Tell your Mom to stop too.
Know your sharp supplier well and that she uses it and have tried what she is selling you herself. I don't like it and stick wit my shroomies!
Listen to your mom sweetie.
There's simply one word: "DON'T". It was doomed to failure when she tried it way rear when and it still bad. And stop next to the shrooms.
well first of adjectives, don't try X, it does worse things to your brain. I've done it some and half the time it's completely not worth it because of the side effects and it's mentally severely addictive. I don't think I could ever win addicted to shrooms though, and I've never done it but I know it's not addictive, so if anything do acid instead of x. I truly want to try acid too, but am not sure. Only one being has ever died from tart itself, but people do crazy **** when in attendance on acid.

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