Hydrogen Peroxide vs Cellfood?

Thanks for the very professional and tolerable answers to my previous question about a possible clash between taking liquid oxygen (Cellfood or Hydrogen Peroxide) AND iron AND anti-oxydants simultaneously. I be worried about creating more free-radivcals (rust) by doing so.

Next question:

1. Wouldn't a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (say 3% strength) disolved in a chalice of water and taken out loud 2-3 x per day provide me next to the same or similar benefits as taking a few drops of much more expensive Cellfood within a glass of marine?

2. Is there any menace in taking (much cheaper) Hydrogen Peroxide as described above?

No, it would help yourself to a lot more than a few drops. If you choose to consume hydrogen peroxide, you necessitate to obtain "food grade" hydrogen peroxide. Do not use the stuff from the drug stores.

Food category Hydrogen peroxide is typically sold as 35% H2O2, which means it is a heck of profusely stronger than 3%. In Africa there are blood cleansing programs where on earth people will start by accumulation one drop of 35% H2O2 to an 8 oz glass of hose. They will drink that each year and over a period of several months, and work up to going on for 5 to 10 drops a day. Apparently it can't be done more summarily than that.

There are places in the world, where on earth blood is extracted and mixed with H2O2 and reinjected. This provides an even better level of oxygen boost to the blood stream. There's a rumor than Ronald Regan go to Germany for this when he battled cancer during his Presidency.

CellFood, Breath of Life, and other "stabilized juice oxygen" sources, use a salt suspension to trap extra Oxygen singlets. This method is supposed to be more absorbable and lead to a more mild "cleansing response" than H2O2. Some of the top authors and researchers on oxygen singlet "supplementation" consider stabilized liquid oxygen to be a far more adjectives way of going in the order of things.

It's like comparing MS-DOS to a Mac. Yes, you can still do lots of things beside an MS-DOS machine, but would you want to today?

Increasing blood oxygenation is far more than "cleansing it." The research go back capably over 100 years but it's not a very popular topic surrounded by the US because it is so inexpensive and effective and not a soul can Patent it. However, you can still find this in use elsewhere surrounded by the world, like Germany, where on earth the laws roughly Alternatic Medicine are the most stringant in the world...and even so they recognize the effectiveness of "oxygen therapy."

I work next to other nutrients that have be shown through a double blind study ata medical school surrounded by Texas to increase VO2Max levels. I tend to consider that to be an even more decisive way to increasing blood oxygenation because you're also increasing aerobic size of the blood itself. Singlet oxygen approaches do not have this effect.
If you're trying to cleanse your blood, help yourself to Chlorophyll.

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