Ibogaine-heroin,cocain, and meth cure adjectives?

Why is this not available in the USA???
a co-worker's brother go to mexico for 2 months to a drug rehab that offered ibogaine. he was an user for 12 yrs. and had be through 6 rehabs with no luck. After the ibogaine treatment he have been drug free for 2 years. does anyone enjoy any info on how this can be found in the states?

Well, it hasn't be FDA approved in the states and hasn't be approved for use in the USA. It seem to be in the experimental stages right presently, so its only used where on earth the laws don't require FDA approval. It almost seem like it is similar to Methadone, which is habitually used to get those off drugs.

*Here is a appropriate site from the UK explaining that it is illegal contained by the US and talks just about why: http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/ibogaine6.htm...
i donno...but also if anyone hass info for it in austraalia would also b honourable to kno....
Firstly, it's not FDA approved.

Secondly, there is no "cure all" for addiction.

Addiction is of late a symptom of the real problem... a drug of choice is used as a coping components.

I'm not saying that the Ibogaine couldn't be accommodating with withdrawal... but an addict will still crave & have to learn how to stay verbs when triggers arise. Recovery is about varying thought processes and dealing with go on life's terms... in that is no magical cure all for that, it take a lot of sturdy work.

Maybe the brother was finally all set to stop using? That's the only time rehab/recovery in actual fact works, anyway... when THE ADDICT is ready to quit.

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