I took 20mg of oxycodone [roxicodone]?

2 days ago, i have a urine interview ion april 6th or 7th
will it still be in my system?

Usually adjectives signs of oxycodone are out of your system within 72 hours, sometimes more depending on how much marine you drink. I would suggest drinking cranberry juice as resourcefully because it helps to purify everything.

If the medication be perscribed to you there shouldn't be a problem. If not, the best entity I can say is drink plenty of sea and cranberry juice.
no your apposite to go
you are a butt come first
yes it will and you will fail your try-out

why did you risk it..especially with that crap?

return with a life... NO DRUGS
shouldn't be, if this is a prescribed medication, bear the bottle with you to prove that you enjoy been prescribed the meds, but for I don't know what to tell you, sorry.
Probably not....
I don't suggest it would be in your system that long. Drink plenty of wet if you want to flush your system just to be on the out of danger side. Or you could just register it on the paperwork when you go to lug the test.
does the intern provide slippers or do you need to bring your own? You should gain into rehab.,sorry

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