Herbal tea opinion?

I've eliminated caffeine from my vivacity for medical reasons and am hoping to find a caffeine-free tea that have the brain-function benefits of ginkgo biloba. If it has a mild to moderate stimulant effect, that's OK, but expendable; but I *don't* want a calming tea. I'm expand to all suggestions. Thanks.

Answer:    Cognition enhancers approaching Ginkgo biloba are Panax ginseng and Paeonia lactiflora. Panax is a tonic and adaptogenic which will not sedate but enjoy a tonifying effect on your body and help cope near stressors. You can combine this with licorice or aniseed or any other aromtaic herb that you fancy. I usually combine Panax with ginger and cinnamon contained by the winter. Ginger and cinnamon enhance circulation and increase tissue perfusion (just like ginkgo).
coca de mate I find Rooibos or Red Bush tea is freshly as good as a commonplace cuppa; I couldn't live without it. Not sure just about having like benefits as ginkgo biloba though. Peppermint is supposed to be stimulating too...
Ginseng tea, but only American ginseng from Wisconsin. Good for the brain, beside a mild, non-addicting stimulant. The only downside is that it taste like a rock. I'm serious. Have you ever sucked on a rock. Same bite. But, you get used to it. It's pretty suitable for you. Give it a try.

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