If anyone know some right home tips tip cure migrains. please provide ur view.?

avoid exposure to light/heat..an icepack on the forehead helps my daughter and lots of TLC :)
Apparently if you put your hand in a sink of really thaw out water it help.
if the migraines are persistent you better bring back a MRI because it could be just going on for anything- even a brain tumour.
I can't help you next to the one you are having right in a minute, but for the future, jump to a health food store and buy a bottle of feverfew tablets or capsule. Also buy some feverfew tea. Take one or two tablets or capsules each day - that is EVERY DAY. This is an herb that you can grow within your garden, hange the leaves and flowers to dry and then use to product you onw completely home-grown tea. The tea smells and tastes disastrous, so you can't say I didn't tip off ya! Adding sugar is a no-no as it will somehow contradict the effect of the feverfew. You can, however, add a bit of honey to a cup of feverfew tea to bring in it a bit less unpleasant to your taste buds, but zilch else. Just sip a cup of the tea once or twice a day and you won't hold ANY headache ever again.

Having said that, it is important to remember that this is not significant if you get a migraine and afterwards reach for the feverfew. It works from one in your system which prevents you from getting a headache surrounded by the first place.

Nobody knows why feverfew prevents headache, it just does.
Hi, My son have had ghastly migraines for years. I took him to a natural street and found that his liver was watery, very adjectives apparently in migraine sufferers. He drinks dandelion tea to strengthen his organs, have some accupunture done and wrote down what he ate everyday, some foods will actually set your migraines bad. Hope this helps you. You hold my sympathy for these headaches, they are a grisly thing.
I own had alot of migraine headache as well and I found that if I lessened my stress and sugar intake as powerfully as ate more fruits and vegetables that I didn't get as copious migraines! Sometimes,not always,it have to do with spot on foods we eat!
I'm also seeing a chiropractor on a regular idea which seems to sustain!!!
Good luck,I hope you find something that will work for you!
I have migraines and the neurologist told me to avoid things resembling: (These are the home tips)
Red wine
Spicy foods.
They can all start a migraine if taken surrounded by too much quantity. Yes, even caffeine if too much. Although caffeine might bring the edge stale the headache, too much will give you one. Those are the merely home tips, because migraines which are true migraines have to be treated next to a drug such as Inderal (a few months of that) and your migraines will lessen, not cease.. It is also said that the elder you get, the smaller amount migraines you have. Not true within my case. The drug call Maxalt can be taken and placed under the tongue and usually will distribute you instant relief. There are also other drugs such as Imitrex.

If you know you are experiencing classic migraine symptoms, see your doctor because near is no home remedy that will get rid of them. Even stress can create one, as resourcefully as not eating.
Classic migraine is cause by spastic contractions then dialations of the blood vessel in the brain. Do you hold classic migraine? A bad headache is different from migraines. There are websites that outline the symptoms of true migraine.

I'll assume you enjoy them. Stay away from any foods that contract blood vessels: chiefly caffeine and onions. Make sure you devour small regular meals - low blood sugar is a adjectives trigger to the process. Take extra amounts of folic acid - this strengthens the walls of blood vessel and makes them smaller quantity prone to spasms. Get regular VIGOROUS exercise. You are not after aerobic exercise here - you want to get yourself totally winded, thereby completely gap up your blood vessels and schooling them to open and stay start on. Take St. Johns Wort and also Co Q10 (co enzyme Q 10) - both have be shown to reduce the birth of migraine.

I have them. I do adjectives this. It helps.

-Keep a write down for few weeks during an attack to find out any possible contributory factors and avoid those things.
-Take a ripe banana, coat it, and chop banana into pieces, and add 1 teaspoon reheat ghee, 1 teaspoon date sugar, and a pinch of cardamom. Take this early morning.
Eat powdered Flaxseed call Linseed in India. In tongue it is called ALSEE. Take just about two to three tables spoons of this powder every sunshine regularly . after some time your migraine shall;l vanish for accurate

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